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Mantic Games


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Such is the natural greed that a Dwarf possesses that the Champions amongst them claim the strongest warriors for their own entourage, wanting only the best warriors around them. When at war, these champions take to the head of a regiment, the dwarf to his right blowing resounding notes from his...

Our Price: $99.99


Epic Sci-fi Skirmishes fought in an Urban Battlezone ... This set includes two elite squads of finely detailed Mantic miniatures, a high quality urban gaming mat and enough scenery tiles and barricades to create a modular 3D gaming environment. This set also includes all the rules, dice and...

Our Price: $49.99


This supplement for Deadzone also introduces rules for solo play, enabling you to polish your tactics when no opponents are available!

List Price: $29.99

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Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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The Invasion Has Begun! Saucers have landed and the death rays have started firing. It's time to pick your side and prepare for battle! Capture critters for experiments, splat Martian brains in the streets, and unleash devastating death rays on your opponent with Mars Attacks, the crazy,...

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The first wave of the invasion is over, and General Tor is determined to wipe all resistance from the streets of Greenville to make an example for the rest of humanity to see! ... The Martians are heavily reinforced with specialists and air support as they push forwards to grind humanity under... Gift Certificates
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