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John Wiley and Sons


Our Price: $24.99


Approximately two million people play online massively multiplayer games (MMGs); in 2004, these games earned $440 million in the U.S. and Europe. This book helps would-be gamers select the right game for them, choose a guild or group that best suits their playing style, get up to speed on rules...

Our Price: $19.99


This exclusive, official strategy guide, written with the full cooperation and support of Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios, features: Expert analysis of each civilization's strengths and weaknesses; Detailed military and economic strategies; In-depth statistics for everything in the...

Our Price: $29.99


Rather than starting from scratch, would-be game developers can take advantage of freely available 3D game engines so that they can focus on the fun part creating the game rather than first creating the technology necessary to create the game. ... Mods alter the way a game is played, whether it...

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