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Firefight 2944 is an easily adaptive miniatures sci-fi game with a unique point system. The game allows players to use any 25 mm or 15 mm figures for their battles. With a technology level that runs from WW2/Korean war era up Anti-gravity tanks and plasma guns. It has tactical features which...

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Many of the armed ground forces in charted space are not as advanced technologically as the Central Worlds or some of the other Stellar States... ... These worlds have learned to focus on their strengths with weapons and vehicles that can be produced locally, at a simpler level. With technology...

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This supplement gives you a ton of options to add to your Firefight 2944 Miniatures game! The Weapons and Vehicles supplement gives you the ability to create your own weapons, putting the power in your hands. You can also custom build vehicles for battle, from the ground up. Gift Certificates
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