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Our Price: $49.99


Discover the Nearside, a network of 13 doomed parallel worlds. As a Nearsider, one of the rare few who can travel this network of worlds, you can discover broken rooms, the nexus where worlds touch, allowing you to cross over. Will you bring solace to these dying worlds or will you treat the...

Our Price: $29.99


The high-fantasy world of Desolation has nearly come to an end, but some live on after the magical Apocalypse. Survivors, the first expansion for Greymalkin Designs' Desolation roleplaying game, contains descriptions of the weird and woeful communities and people that exist in post-apocalyptic...

Our Price: $29.99


****( ) (based on 1 rating)

This 144-page softcover supplement includes new archetypes, talents, equipment values, magic items, and rules to guide GMs and players through the lands of Scondera before the Apocalypse. It also includes a complete campaign consisting of eight scenarios that begin before the Night of Fire and... Gift Certificates
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