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Welcome to the Goblin Squad Store!

The Goblin Squad Store is your portal for merchandise that is currently only available to Goblin Squad members.

What is the Goblin Squad?

The Goblin Squad consists of folks like you who believe in the Pathfinder Online project enough to purchase the game. Many folks did this through our previous two Kickstarter campaigns. The most common question we have received since those Kickstarters closed is "How can I get involved and back the game?"

Below, you will see a number of ways to back Pathfinder Online. All of these options will provide Goblinworks with the money to make Pathfinder Online bigger and better!

To join the Goblin Squad, choose an option below from Step One, look at all the amazing Add-Ons in Step Two, and then check out. You'll get a nifty Goblin Squad icon next to your name on the Pathfinder Online messageboards, and you'll be able to visit the Goblin Squad Store and pick up a lot of neat merchandise and game add-ons that the rest of the world will have to wait for—or may never have access to! And the money you spend in the store will help us make Pathfinder Online better!

Also, get involved with the Pathfinder Online messageboards right here on, and follow our biweekly blog on Goblin Squad members have already given us lots of great feedback that has already had a huge impact on Pathfinder Online. Join in the fun!

What is Pathfinder Online?

Pathfinder Online is a fantasy sandbox MMO by Goblinworks based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It uses a unique process called "Crowdforging" to determine what features are implemented in the game, in what order.

Pathfinder Online is a hybrid sandbox/theme park-style MMO where characters explore, develop, find adventure and dominate a wilderness frontier in a land of sword and sorcery. The Pathfinder world is high fantasy in the tradition of epics like The Lord of the Rings, Conan, The Wheel of Time and Game of Thrones.

The Pathfinder setting includes many different classic and modern fantasy elements, from lost cities shrouded in misty jungles to decaying pyramids amidst deserts of burning sands to a fantastic island metropolis where folk from across the world live side by side with all manner of fantastic creatures. The Pathfinder world has a place for any story a player wants to tell. (For more information on the world of Pathfinder and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, please visit

Pathfinder Online’s robust trading system puts players in control of the world’s economy with player-created items, consumables, fortifications, and settlements. Character-controlled settlements can grow into full-fledged kingdoms that compete for resources as they seek to become the dominant force in the land, raising vast armies to hold their territory against the depredations of monstrous creatures, NPC factions, and other player characters.

Social organizations scale from small parties of a few adventurers to player nations inhabited by thousands. As settlements develop, the surrounding wilderness develops more complex and challenging features, including randomly generated encounters and resources as well as exciting scripted adventures.

Here is a brief list of some of the highlights of this game:

  1. No Grinding: Pathfinder Online uses a skill training system like that of EVE Online. You train skills by choosing what skill you want to train and allowing the time required to elapse. You don't train any faster by farming mobs or spamming your abilities than you do exploring the world, role playing with your friends, or even being offline. You will need to complete certain achievements to complete a skill and open up new avenues of training.
  2. No Classes: Unlike other games that give you a narrow range of abilities as you train your class, in Pathfinder Online you gain levels in different Roles based off what you have trained.
  3. Player Structures: Build your own homes, taverns, farms, and even cities! The Pathfinder Online world will be filled with places players can use to build and customize their own homes, businesses and communities.
  4. One Server: Everything you do in the game can have an impact on any other player, and you never have to coordinate with your friends what server to play on. The geography of the River Kingdoms is very large, and the social mores in one section of the world may vary from another section.
  5. More Than A Gankfest: Unlike other Open World PVP MMO's currently on the market, Pathfinder Online actively discourages meaningless PVP. A meaningful alignment system that actually offers mechanical advantages to lawful and good aligned organizations, and a functional bounty system that allows the player to choose which players and organizations can collect the bounties they set discourages random and meaningless killing. Beyond this, the admins are taking a hard stance against 'griefing', in which players specifically seek to ruin the experience of other players, often through using game mechanics in ways that weren't intended. Griefing in PFO can be a bannable offence.
  6. All Players are Useful: This won't be like games where a new player has 49 health and a veteran has 49,000. The attacks from that new player won't automatically miss the veteran. A new player will be weaker, but still able to make a meaningful contribution to combat. As a sandbox where group sizes aren't limited, this means all players are useful, and don't have to segregate themselves by level.
  7. Trade is Meaningful: In Pathfinder Online players must manually transport items to their intended destination. Most shops are player-run, and there will be goods more abundant in or even exclusive to certain regions. Merchants, traders, and even auctioneers are all viable professions.


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1. Goblin Squad Pioneer—Month Two

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9. Pathfinder Online Add-On: Memorial of Honor
10. Pathfinder Online Add-On: Guild Starter Pack

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