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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game



Our Price: $8.00


Opaque Ivory with Black 50-sided Die, numbered 0-49. Sold individually. This interesting dice is shaped somewhat like a toy top, and may be used in role-playing or mathematical applications. Manufactured by GameScience.

Our Price: $20.00


The amazing D-Total die is 17 dice in one! Decide which die you want to roll for, drop your D-Total, and read the face! Each face is laid out like a clock-face, with the die (d4, d6, etc) in the appropriate place. For your d6 value, look at 6 o'clock. It's that simple. This die can replace a bag...

Our Price: $6.25


7-die sets include the standard 7 role-playing dice: d6, d4, d10 [0–9], d10 [00-90], d12, and d20. Gift Certificates
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