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Fun to 11


Our Price: $44.95


The Miskatonic School for Girls is a high class private school filled with a wonderful variety of charming children. Unfortunately, the staff of the school is made up by a variety of Cthulhu-ian monsters and cultists—all desperately trying to hide their true selves. ... In this deck building...

Our Price: $24.99


In the card game Flame War, each player takes the role of a forum admin. Starting threads, posting, flaming, maybe some trolling, and perhaps even bringing up a certain pony that might in fact be little and belong to someone you know... ... Flame War is a fun and clever game about running a...

Our Price: $64.99


Castle Dice is a light worker-placement, dice drafting game in which the players have been ordered by the king to build castles along the borders of the kingdom. The player who can create the greatest castle will become the new heir to the throne. Players will explore the land by rolling the...

Our Price: $35.00


Fairy Mischief is a super fun game that has been designed to help transition girls from the classic card game War, to something a little more gamery. With the obvious hope of brainwashing...uh...encouraging girls to have a life long love of games that don't need to live inside a glowing...

Our Price: $29.99


More Faculty! More Students! More Madness! It's been a while since we've last visited the Miskatonic School for Girls, and sadly, insanity has continued to fester in the minds of the students. Despite this, the girls have been keeping their spirits high and with the arrival of the holiday season,...

Our Price: $34.99


The first expansion to Castle Dice, More Castles introduces four unique castle decks to the game, each focusing on a different strategy with new actions and castle parts. Additionally, you'll find special oversized tokens for tracking and Alliance optional rules which allow you to play Castle... Gift Certificates
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