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Flaster Venture


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In 164 BC, at the battle against Nicanor, Judah Maccabee's brother Eleazar brought down the General's war elephant breaking the military hold of the Seleucid Empire over Israel. Upon that victory, Judah lead his Maccabean army to liberate the rest of the land of Israel and reclaim the Temple...

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In Ancient Egypt, Moses rose up against Pharaoh to free the Israelites and deliver them out of Egypt. Moses told Pharaoh Let my People Go but Pharaoh said No, no no! Moses warned Pharaoh that ten plagues would befall him if he did not comply. Finally after the tenth and final plague, Pharaoh...

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Players can play as either the USA, UK, USSR or France. Each country has a unique starting position on the hex map board and starts with a specific set of starting powers. Players then spin the dreidel to determine movement points for the turn and can move anywhere on the hex map within range of...

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Pirate King is a new twist on classic game play. Seamlessly blending classic board game genres into one exciting adventure, players, or in this case Captains, sail around the Caribbean capturing territories and building fortifications while picking up crewmen and cannons for their ships as well...

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In Ancient Persia, the King, Ahasuerus, married the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, Esther. When Esther became queen, her Uncle Mordecai accompanied her to the palace and became one of the King's advisors as well as to watch over Esther. But the King's chief advisor the Evil Haman became... Gift Certificates
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