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Casting spells is hard. Why should keeping track of them be?

Spellbook Wizard is a simple, easy-to-use utility for keeping track of a character's spells. It allows you to enter in the list of spells known, mark which of those spells have been memorized and/or cast that day, and quickly retrieve the spells' description text.

Features in this version:

  • Add in known spells by specifying just the spell's name and level
  • Color palette for highlighting certain important spells
  • Factor in Metamagic Feats with the Spell Level Adjustment system
  • Easy access 'Memorize', 'Cast Memorized', and 'Cast Spontaneous' buttons for marking spell counts, plus 'undo' versions of each of those operations
  • Spells-per-day grid for keeping track of how many of each spell level remaining
  • 'View Spell Description' button for quick access to the spell's text
  • 'Active Spell' checkbox for filtering out spells that aren't memorized
  • Spell search box for finding a spell by name
  • Spell Dictionary management commands for switching between 3.5 and PFRPG, and for specifying which books are available
  • Add in custom spells or houserule existing ones with the HTML spell editor

Program Requirements:

  • Requires Microsoft Windows (XP or later recommended)
  • Requires Java SE 7 installed and up-to-date (available at

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