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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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You and your rivals are locked in a struggle of heroic proportions. Only assembling “KABOOM”, the ultimate weapon, can end the mayhem and crown you the top-dog of Superhero Land. Use your wits to activate special powers to defuse opponents and defend yourself from the onslaught of incoming attacks.

Tic Tic Boom is the explosive new family card game chock-full of strategy and sabotage. Set to a retro comic book motif, and manufactured on durable transparent plastic; the cards are as fun to pick up as they are to play.

Included are two entirely different games. Tic Tic Boom “Classic” offers something for all ages and skill levels. Players race to spell “KABOOM” on a communal board, while activating special powers along the way. It’s quick to learn and full of surprises. Tic Tic Boom “Advanced” is for gamers who thirst for a little more strategy, cunning, and sabotage. This game introduces Power Attacks, which are made by combining your cards to spell words such as BAM, BOOM, or K.O. These score points and provide even higher levels of high-jinx.

With more strategy than Uno and more excitement than Rummy, Tic Tic Boom is something the whole family will enjoy!

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