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Prepare yourself to return to the Forge. Called back by the seven watchers of the Black Flock, you will face new challenges and new enemies in an ever-more-unstable world of political intrigue, powerful warlords, and ancient secrets. ... Seven years have passed since last the Domains of the Forge...

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Far off in the deep of the mists, the village of Blackhold is in trouble. Villagers are disappearing at an alarming rate, and the nearby ancient sorcerer's stronghold appears to have acquired some new, sinister residents. Will you come to their rescue? ... The Haunted Fort is a free, introductory...

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Enter a land of eternal night and make your mark among the denizens of the dark. ... Eclipse it is called... a domain at the top of the world, the whole of which lies in an impossible crater, a break in the planet’s crust. Shunned by both suns, the land knows only shadow. This is a domain of wild...

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Hail stranger, dare you come and lay your eyes on your doom? Step inside if you can and bear witness to the foulest compendium the Forge has to offer! From across the seven domains, beasts and horrors have been gathered, dissected, and brought into the light of day. From the battle tactics of the...

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Seven years now I have known myself, and though to many it may seem I have been idle and slack, I have in fact honed my craft and filled my head with the phenomena of the land I fashioned in my imprisonment, a land much apart from the rest of this Forge. Eclipse, it is called—a land at the top of...