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Our Price: $12.00


In the third and final issue of Erfworld Book 2, Parson Gotti charges into battle, to fight the King of Jetstone personally. As the entire city of Spacerock goes up in flames around him, Lord Hamster's only way out might be the way home to Earth! (8-1/2 x 11, full color, fully illustrated, soft...

Our Price: $12.00


In this first issue of Erfworld's epic second book, the unstoppable juggernaut of Gobwin Knob's Decrypted force has plowed its way to Jetstone's capital to finish King Slately's side for good. But Queen Jillian and Jetstone's allies aren't beaten yet. When things go wrong for Stanley's side, is...

Our Price: $25.00


The Battle for Gobwin Knob tells the story of obsessive strategy gamer Parson Gotti, who is magically summoned into a gamelike fantasy universe and forced to command an army in an all-too-real war.

Our Price: $40.00


Beautiful over-sized hardcover edition of Erfworld Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob. Book 1 tells the story of Parson Gotti, an obsessive strategy gamer from Columbus, Ohio, who is magically summoned into a game like fantasy universe and forced to command an army in an all-too-real war. ......

List Price: $12.00

Our Price: $10.80

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Erfworld Book 2 - Issue 2 (of 3) follows the fight at Jetstone's capital city, as things go from bad to worse for the Royal family. The Battle for Spacerock rages, but Parson is waylaid on his way to the scene by a Carnymancer with an astonishing claim. ... Get this beautiful 8 1/2 by 11, 80-page... Gift Certificates
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