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The Army of the Potomac had found confidence in their new leader Fighting Joe Hooker following the disastrous battle of Fredericksberg. Hooker began forging the AOP into the weapon he and Lincoln knew was needed to defeat the Army of Northern Virginia led by Robert E. Lee. ... Using his cavalry...

Our Price: $15.95


PanzerK mpfe consists of eight scenarios designed for the Clash of Armor miniatures rule system. Five of the scenarios feature division level or greater combat. Chronologically they span from 1941-44. Geographically they cover the Eastern Front (2), North Africa (1), and the Western Front (2)....

Our Price: $16.95


For miniatures enthusiast or a cardboard wargamer, Larry Bond's Command at Sea naval warfare system, for WWII, emphasizes technical and historical accuracy, woven into a streamlined rules structure that keeps the action fast-paced and fun. ... The 3rd Edition Scenario Book offers over 50...

Our Price: $26.00


This book contains scenarios and statistics for Command At Sea.

Our Price: $19.95


Containing six scenarios spanning three wars, this Module includes all the supplemental rules and data needed to carry the CoA system through the Arab-Israeli Wars. Each scenario includes an 8 1/2 x 11 map, a brief historical commentary and tables with all pertinent data extracted for the...

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Based on the award winning Black Sea Black Death game system, Borodino '41 uses a map scale of 800 meters (one half mile) per hex, three or four impulses per daily turn, with infantry battalions and tanks and anti-tank guns by company (battery). ... The units are played mostly face down, with...

List Price: $10.00

Sale Price: $6.00

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The Command at Sea Player's Handbook is a 32 page compilation of all the charts and tables contained in the 128 page Standard Rulebook. It also includes errata from the first edition, and it is also compatible with the second edition rule set. Use of this playing aid greatly assists the flow of...

List Price: $19.95

Sale Price: $11.97

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Scenarios for the Clash of Armor Rules System. ... Rommel! The name conjures a picture of rollingPanzer columns in the desert, led by a determined figure in a command halftrack. Trace the adventures ofRommel's commands with this new scenario book Rommel's Battles for our Clash of Armor system....

Our Price: $22.00


Harpoon 4 is the fourth edition of the Harpoon game-series originally published by Game Designers Workshop. ... The era of modern naval combat began on October 21, 1967 when Egyptian missile boats launched four Soviet made Styx surface-to-surface missiles and sank the Israeli destroyer Elath at a...

Our Price: $14.00


This Quickstart guide is designed to show you how to play Harpoon4 in as short a time as possble. It includes a rules summary, introductory scenarios and the rules necessary for playing a simple battle. The charts and tables needed to play the game are not included here, so you cannot play a game...

Our Price: $28.95


No sailor but a fool fights a fortress. So said Sir Horatio Nelson. During World War II, fortresses had many guises and some had to be fought. No Sailor But a Fool lets you do just that. ... No Sailor But a Fool is Command at Sea Vol. 3, covering coastal actions. No Sailor consists of a 64 page...

Our Price: $19.95


This Standard Rulebook may be used with all games in the series 'Les Batailles dans L'Age L'Empereur Napoleon Premier'. This is the fourth edition; the Regulations of the Year XXII. Basic concepts of play are detailed herein. Events particular to a certain battle are covered in the Special...

Our Price: $10.00


The Harpoon Player's Handbook is a 28 page compilation of all the charts and tables contained in the rulebook. Use of this playing aid greatly assists the flow of play in multiple player games, as all of the data is right at hand, along with references to the appropriate section of the rulebook.

Our Price: $19.95


Battles of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars Volume I contains 11 diverse scenarios ranging from 1797 to 1814. Although usable with any grand tactical system, it was designed to complement the From Valmy to Waterloo miniatures rules. Each scenario has its own map, a meticulous...

Our Price: $30.00


Infernal Machines is the first expansion kit for Clash of Arms' Landships! game. You must own Landships! to play Infernal machines. Designed by Perry Moore, Infernal Machines retells the story of man versus machines in 20 new scenarios. These range from the technological fantasies of the Great...

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