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The fae are different and don’t think the same way we do. Many are utterly alien to us and escape our definitions and ideals. More than just the tricksters of legend, they are nothing if not complicated. They are everywhere and in wide variety. Call them fairies, spirits, yokai, peri—you will...

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***** (based on 1 rating)

... Richard Pett lives in a decaying mansion squatting on the crossroads between China Mieville, Charles Dickens, and Jim Butcher. In CROOKED, he wrote down all the terrible, bizarre, and brutally compelling things he saw in that horrible place, and the results are wild, clever, and...

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***** (based on 4 ratings)

“... fast, profane, full of joy, deeply intelligent, and just a lot of damn fun to read.” —Colin McComb, author of OATHBREAKER ... “... reads like the fevered brainchild of Warren Ellis and Kenneth Hite. Smart, dark fun.” —Matt Forbeck, author of AMORTALS and VEGAS KNIGHTS ... Royden Poole is...

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The angry, foulmouthed Royden is back in these floating chapters that flesh out the 25th Hour. They feature the same characters and the same world established in Clinton J. Boomer's novel The Hole Behind Midnight. ... Another bad day for Royden Poole... ... Join the King of Jangladesh, angry and...

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Ghosts. Gaslight. Gears. ... Welcome to a wondrous age of steam where pirates, rust, and syphilis aren’t all you need to worry about. Ghosts abound! ... In this hissing and clanking steampunk anthology, there are moments that science just can’t explain. All the mechanical geniuses scratch their...

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The Realm of Iavor: a land where songs and magic entwine, where legend reverberates through the stones and water. History tells of heroes who rose from different walks of life to overcome an evil king and become the new rulers of the kingdom. Korvin the Barbarian. Tajenda the Assassin. Nolus the...

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​Super science. Madness. Transhumanism. ... This is the dawn of posthumanity. Some things can’t be unlearned. ... Gleaming labs whir with the hum of servers as scientists unravel the secrets of the universe. But as we peel away mysteries, the universe glances back at us. Even now, terrors rise... Gift Certificates
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