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Immerse yourself in a rich world of sword and sorcery three decades in the making. New classes, races, feats, and spells await you here. Become part of the living saga of Avlis, or use the material to enrich your existing campaign.

The World of Avlis campaign setting is a third-party roleplaying game supplement licensed under the Pathfinder RPG and Open Gaming Licenses.

This 254-page book contains 34 races, 11 Prestige classes, 16 new spells, 33 mage feats, and 23 monsters originating from the Avlis campaign setting, but usable in pretty much any world.

Among the nine chapters in the book, four are about world information and five are filled with new game material.

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***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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The Heart of the Product is Missing

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Disclaimer: I received a free review copy of the PDF.

I understand that there are tens of thousands of people who have enjoyed the on-line version of this campaign setting. But whatever they found didn't make it into this sourcebook for a tabletop game.

The rules are inconsistent with the Pathfinder RPG. The prose for the fluff is amateurish and rife with obvious spelling errors. ("hoard" for "horde", "lightening", etc.) The world as it is described has a great deal of fantastical history but no plot hooks. Everybody kind of gets along.

There's nothing in this book I can recommend.

Excellent product!


I am a long-time gamer. No other RPG settings have given me the same kind of exciting experience like Avlis has.

The creators of Avlis have gone into great depths to provide players with a fantasy world so unique, mysterious, and believable. This source book masterfully presents all the information needed to run an enjoyable pen & paper campaign. From the compelling history to the diverse creatures, from the vast continents to the abundant skill sets, the world of Avlis sets the ground for epic role-playing. Your imagination is the only limit.

If you love RPGs that give you unforgettable memories, this is a must-have.


Avlis is a setting that has enthralled many people, from its humble beginnings as a P&P homebrew to the setting for a compelling and innovative Neverwinter Nights persistent world. It's an epic fantasy setting, full of warriors and mages, high politics and dark rituals, all of which is underpinned by a dynamic whereby no one alignment, cause or race holds sway, and the fate of nations - or reality itself - lies in the hands of the most courageous of its inhabitants.

The book itself is clear and nicely set out, illustrated throughout with funky, characterful artwork. It's absolutely packed with the lore and mechanics that make the setting what it is, with a host of new classes, spells, monsters, organisations, and locations. As well as all the crunchy content, there are hooks galore for a DM on every page, and the richness and depth of the background is evident. There are literally centuries of history to play in, and a great many exotic locales for players to explore.

This is a labour of love, the product of several years work, and the result has been well worth it. Naturally it comes heartily recommended to Avlis afficionados, but also to others who want to try out a fresh, vibrant setting, where the Great Nine Gods carry out their schemes for the world, while nations rise and fall, and courageous individuals vye for power through political intrigue, or foil the machinations of the Demon Lords, or destroy a nation in the name of the hateful God Maleki, or rebuild a community shattered by war... the possibilities are endless. Once you've stepped into the world, you won't look back!