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Generalissimo, Can you survive military Junta, political uprisings, assassination, foreign intervention and your own ego to become the best Third World General? ... In this fast paced card game, you are pitted against your friends as you backstab, bribe and blackmail your way to the top!

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Seas of Iron is a battleship combat game for 2-4 players. Set during the height of the Battleships reign around the time of World War Two and early 20th Century. The game is quick to learn and simple to play. Players attempt to combat and eliminate each other's ships to be the undisputed king of...

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Seas of Iron is a naval combat game for 2-4 players. The Battleship expansion pack contains two additional iconic ships. German Battleship Bismarck and Japanese Battleship Yamato. Made in the USA.

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The dead have risen. They walk the earth in countless numbers, searching for only one thing, living flesh! No one expected this, no one saw this coming, some blame science, some blame religion, whatever the reason they are hear to stay. The last hope of the human race is the living, those now...

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Players go head to head to score points by finding and creating the best words from the letter tiles. WayWord is not just a standard word building game. Attempt to out maneuver your opponents and use the special tiles to gain the advantage. Make use of your pawn to block other players from...

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Two Zombies in each blister pack. Choose from three different head choices for a variety of looks. Can be easily reposed for wide variation.