Arcane Tinmen


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Gloamspike, the Emperor's sinister adviser, stirs unrest amongst the inhabitants of Marduun. Gideon begins his final descent into madness, the Mau are cast out of the city and forced to wander the desert, and Rogue clans continue their hedonistic exploits, while the Gearsmith dabble in the...

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Seed III: Fall of Marmothoa concludes the Seed storyline. Hidden within the cards the sharpwitted may even discover the revelation as to the origins of the bizarre and demented world of The Spoils. But nothing comes free; the players will have to work for it and dig out the secrets for...

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The Spoils is a Collectable Card Game surrounded in intrique, scandal, and mayhem! Revitalizing the cardpool with 300 handpicked cards from both Parts 1 & 2 of the First Edition, this 2nd Edition of The Spoils revisits the shadowy Arcanists engaged in surreal and obsessive rituals, the ruthless...

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In 2001, a team of hardcore gamers, top-level pro players, and veteran game developers locked themselves away in a small room to create the world's best trading card game. The Spoils was the result and, after five years of skillful testing, it was unleashed upon the world. ... The Spoils is also...