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The long awaited sourcebook for the CORPS games system, which is available here. ... This book includes: New Ads & Disads; New Combat rules and useful game aids; rules for the effects of the environment, inc radiation poisoning; New Paranormal powers; Expanded Fear Ratings; An extensive...

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Sector Asgard Kappa for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. Containing thirty six inhabitable planets with a wide variety of cultures, aliens and secrets. It is ripe for exploration and adventure! ... It includes the Plot Point Campaign 'One Million Starflies' ... The characters are hired to...

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These are the four 12x18 deckplans for the Crowfoot's Venture. It is the ship found in the Sector Asgard Kappa setting book for Savage Worlds. ... They can also be used with Starfinder.

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Five new weapons for your Starfinder games. All rendered in 3d. ... The Lancer is a Plasma pistol developed for use by special forces units and the higher end of the market. ... The Scalpel is the premier laser sniper rifle. ... The Warhammer is a specialized version of a magnetar gun, fused with... Gift Certificates
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