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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Terror Thirteen is the great new horror RPG. It focuses on telling Gothic, Victorian, Dark Romance, and other classic types of horror stories. With its intuitive Conflict Resolution System and clever pacing and framing techniques, which enhance the telling of horror stories. While other games...

Our Price: $7.95


24x36 inches. Glossy and in full color.

Our Price: $8.95


The Terror Thirteen: Quick Play Guide is a stand-alone complete game for one evening. It contains a simplified ruleset and sample story to whet the appetite for telling horror stories, and serves as an introduction to the Terror Thirteen RPG. It is not a supplement to the game or a game system in...

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A Group of high schoolers attend a gaming convention that they will never forget. This story designed for the Terror Thirteen horror RPG is intended for a single evening of gaming and runs about four hours.

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The Grimoire of Abu Simbal was first written in hieroglyphics sometime in the 13th century BCE. That copy was lost in the sands of the Pharaoh until it was discovered by Professor Grady of the London Museum in 1888. It was discovered in an undisturbed tomb, since washed away by the Aswan Dam... Gift Certificates
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