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Our Price: $12.00


Small Never Looked So Mean! Featuring an aggressive, self-defense face and steel grip for hands-free lighting, this compact CSI (Continuous Supreme Illumination) branded flashlight is crafted of weather-resistant, anodized aircraft grade aluminum and boasts a super-bright 35 Lumens power LED. One...

Our Price: $43.20


Crafted of weather-resistant, anodized aircraft grade aluminum, this sleek, compact, and highly-durable flashlight features an aggressive, self-defense face and boasts five lighting modes, including an S.O.S. Defense Strobe, and 4x adjustable beam settings.

Our Price: $14.88


Rechargeable in any 12-volt car lighter socket, this portable, weather-resistant, anodized aircraft grade aluminum flashlight boasts a super-bright 35 Lumens power LED for over six hours of burn time with a two-hour charge.

Our Price: $16.90


The TAC-50 is a compact high-intensity tactical flashlight. Constructed of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, the TAC-50 emits 50 lumens with 1 powerful LED. The water-resistant body design also features a steel clip to keep this flashlight handy, or gives you the ability to use as a cap-light for...

Our Price: $56.30


No color filtersEno separate headsEand no extra attachments. The U.S. Army TAC-110Z by NEBO offers 3 vibrant colors all in one convenient, compact flashlight. One color changing LED switches from white to green to red with the touch of the glow-in-the-dark On/Off button. The white setting...

Our Price: $44.50


The U.S. Army TAC-180 is a high-intensity tactical flashlight. Constructed of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, the TAC-180 emits 180 lumens with 1 high power LED. The TAC-180 has 4 lighting modes: 100% light (180 lumens,) 50% light (90 lumens,) Defensive Strobe and S.O.S. The water-resistant...

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