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RAIDERS AND PRIVATEERS brings a new element to your Babylon 5 Wars game! From commerce raiders to hired mercenaries, the pirates of the B5 Universe add a variety of new threats and challenges! This product includes rules and background for all of the following: ... THE RAIDERS: Pirates,...

Our Price: $16.95


Another first in the B5 Wars universe, Showdowns-1 presents dozens of new scenarios to play out to the bitter end, as well as new civilian and Raider ships, Narn and Centauri orbital satellites, unique weapons, elite officers and more! Includes: Rules and options for mine warfare, a preview of...

Our Price: $16.95


This supplement focuses on the ships and battles of the Dilgar War. Inside you will find: Over twenty new ships from the Dilgar War era, including vessels used by the Dilgar, Markab, Abbai, Brakiri, Llort, and others!; An entirely new race from the Dilgar Invasion, the Descari committees!; A...

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This book focuses on the many battles of the War of Retribution. From early victories to ultimate defeat, the progress of the Narns across Centauri Space is tracked in intense detail. See the history of this war as never before, then play it out in scenarios! ... During the War of Retribution, a...

Our Price: $14.95


The second in a series, Variants 2 focuses on the ships of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. In addition to variants of ships found in the League 1 supplement, a number of totally new designs are included, as well as special rules for graviton mines, grappling claws, and antimatter torpedoes! ......

Our Price: $16.95


Written by the experts, this book tells you everything you need to know to achieve victory in Babylon 5 Wars! From the most basic tactical gambling advice to fighter combat and fleet selection, the Tactics Guide is a must for new players and veterans alike. Includes specific tactics for nearly... Gift Certificates
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