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Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game, with a horrific and gothic influence. Drawing inspiration from Celtic myths, this universe has a discreetly fantastic side hidden under a bleak, realistic surface. This world is populated with humans who have to cope with tough daily lives, and...

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The Prologue introduces a first journey into the universe of the Shadows of Esteren role-playing game while preparing you for the first season of the official campaign. It contains: An introduction to the universe. Discovering the leading concepts of the game, as well as a general presentation of...

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Travels is a fully colored hardcover book of 196 pages. It includes descriptions of places, gallery of characters, scenarios, a bestiary, game aids on locations, additional rules for traveling, and a large scenario written by Iris: A Life Choice.

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This Shadows of Esteren supplement includes detailed maps and Coats of Arms of the major cities of Tri-Kazel. It is intended for Leaders, but can also be used as an in-game aid, in particular for Varigal characters.

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Our Price: $26.99

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The fourth sourcebook for the Shadows of Esteren series, The Monastery of Tuath focuses on the Temple faction and features a massive investigation scenario inspired by The Name of the Rose, as well as several game aids.

Behind the Book—Starspawn,

Mummy's Mask and PAX West,

Feast On These Modules,

Two Cave Creatures,

Encounter the Unspeakable!,

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