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A lively river, carved deeply into the rocky landscape, and surrounded by densely wooded ridges; what's more, a mystery pool and a nice clandestine site for bivouacking—Isn't it the perfect playground for just another happy rafting party? Or, perhaps rather the sacred hunting ground of an...

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A picturesque river following its peaceful course through a mountainous region where dense high forests alternate with tidy plantations, tended by proud and sturdy men doing an honest day's work? Or rather a rotten place where a human life is cheaper than that of a beech, and a perfect place for...

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A hidden crater lake fed by a lively mountain river and sheltered by near insurmountable cliffs; a path winding gradually up to a high plateau, revealing a great view. Is this a place of dreams, yielding the secret to legendary wealth? Or is it a deadly impasse that seals a man's doom? ... It's...

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A majestic body of water glittering in the sun; two roads accompanying it, one along the floodplain, not always passable, and another one up the terrace, eroded and dangerous. Which road to follow? Is it a logistic decision depending on one's means of transport? Or is there more to it than just...

Wrapping Up Iron Gods,

You Guys, You Guys!!!,

The Giants Are Coming!,

The Patch Man,

Top 32 Announced!,

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