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Each step of the journey has the potential to mean fortune or failure. So tread lightly, use your items and abilities wisely, and never trust ANYONE. ... Traps, enemies, and the land itself are against you. Lose your way, and all is lost, but what lies at the end of the path is worth the risk....

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It was the greatest mobilization of fighting men and machines that the world has ever seen. Tanks and soldiers combined into a veritable Tide of Iron in the greatest war ever fought, and now World War II comes to your tabletop in Fantasy Flight's epic game of squad-level tactics! ... The largest...

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By the summer of 1944, almost every nation in Europe had fallen under Nazi occupation. To stop Hitler's invading forces and to free those countries under his control, Allied forces drew up plans for an assault, code-named Operation Overlord. In the early morning of June 6th, American soldiers...

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Compiled by conflict historian Dana Lombardy (Streets of Stalingrad) and featuring today's most famous wargame designers, this hard cover collection of twenty scenarios will be an incredible addition to the Tide of Iron base game. The new scenarios will vary from short skirmishes to epic battles...

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It is June 22, 1941. Operation Barbossa has commenced and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union has begun. Pressing forward, the Germans seek to claim territory up to the Arkhangelsk-Astrakhan line. These two Soviet cities mark the proposed eastern border of the Reich. The Soviets, however, have...

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Nowhere else was there such bloody hand-to-hand combat. Nowhere else were bayonets and hand grenades used so widely as in Stalingrad... Our soldiers had only one idea. Stalin had ordered us not to retreat. Vasily Chuikov, commander of the Soviet 62nd Army, Battle of Stalingrad ... The Battle for...