Third-Party Starfinder Products

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Miniatures Kickstarter Ninja Division

3-rd party publishers that publish outside work.

StarDuster - Starship Combat System

RGG Announces the "Starfarer's Companion"

Races of the Outer Rim [Total Party Kill Games]

Designing Mech game, Scenery, Licensing / OGL questions

[Roll For Combat] EZG reviews Loot Box of Wonder (PWYW)

Fantastic Starfinder Starship Resource: 0-hr Starships!

What I want from 3PP for Starfinder

Starship Role Forms

3-rd party publishers that publish outside work.

[Legendary Games] Sci-Fi Friday brings Envoys and Aliens!


[Legendary Games] May the 4th bring you Star Empires - and Savings!

Legendary Planet integration?

An alternative to Hero Lab Online?

[Legendary Games] The Solarians are coming! The Solarians are coming!

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Guide Playtest Begins!

[Gamer Printshop] Starships, Stations and Salvage Guide.

[Gamer Printshop] Ultimate Vehicles: Vehicle Creation Rules

[Stroh Hammer] - Gravity Age: Cybernetics Emporium 2 In E-Stores!

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet AP for Starfinder - Dead Vault Descent is Here!

[LPJ Design] Infinite Space: Anomalies of Hyperspace (SFRPG) for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

[Straight Path Games] How Do I... Rest

Starfinder Hero Lab

PCGen 6.07.04 Alpha Released, now with 100% more Starfinder!


[STROH HAMMER] - Gravity Age: Autonomous Artificial Intelligence in e-stores!

Noble Wild for Starfinder

Blog: Welcome Back from the Grave!

Notsonoble's Gaming will be doing A Campaign Setting

Hex Space Counters

[Storm Bunny Studios] World of Alessia - Wuxia styled Science Fantasy World Setting

[Straight Path Games] Starfinder Compatible Adaptive Armory - new weapons and armor

[Straight Path Games] Starfinder Compatible Adaptive Armory - new weapons and armor

[Gamer Printshop] Dead in Space

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Guide Kickstarter Is Live!

Third Party Publishers - Plug your worlds here

[Total Party Kill Games] Races of the Outer Rim: The Anarchane

Blog: Unlock Your Mind!

Third Party products and publishers

[Legendary Games] Treasury of the Machine for Starfinder!

Recommend some 3PP adventures!

[Why Not Games] Seeking Playtesters for Starfinder Material

[Everyman Gaming] Announcing Starfarer's Skill Guide Kickstarter! Skill Challenge Handbook, Ultimate Charisma, and More!

[Everyman Gaming] Advanced Skill Guide KS Now Live!

[LPJ Design] Infinite Space: Stellar Cartography 03 – Gamma Quadrant (SFRPG) for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Starfinder on Fantasy Grounds

Dyslexic Character Sheets

[Evil Robot Games] Starfinder supplements

Looking for Someone to Help With Starfinder 3rd Party Expansion

Blood Space and Moon Dust

List of 3rd Party Player Options for Starfinder

Races of the Outer Rim: the Ruanoch now available!

News on Redshirts: Adventures in Absurdity

Starfinder Ship Combat Summary Sheet

Epic Sci Fi Tiles

[Gun Metal Games] The Widow's Tear: Cosmic Horror for Starfinder kickstarter is now funding!

New Product Line: Red Sector

Starfinder Online Combat tracker

Redshirts: Adventures in Absurdity, Vol. 2 is now funding!

Dragoon: A New Base Class for Starfinder

Syrinscape: Dead Suns - Incident at Absalom Station Soundpack

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Guide Playtest - Wave 2

Gravity Age: Cybernetics Emporium - a good option for cyberpunk themed Starfinder campaigns

[Fat Goblin Games] 8-Bit Adventures (for Starfinder)

Any Cyberpunk 3rd party stuff?

Redshirts, Starfinder AP (Humor / Sci-fi) now on KS!

Starfairer's Companion: An opportunity (and headache) for Antipaladins

[Straight Path Games] Dice Cards

Syrinscape: Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Quest: Into the Unknown Soundpack

Starfinder Spheres of Might

[SF3PP Wiki] Announcing the SF3PP Wiki

Starship Community Freebie Preview

Waiting for Kickstarter Starships - Found "Star Cruisers" as proxies....

Xeno File issue 4

[Stroh Hammer] Gravity Age: Mutant Menagerie is in e-stores now!

Merge Station

[Dreamscarred Press] Announcing the Psionics Guide!

Legendary Planet - To Worlds Unknown

"Into the Wormhole," Thrills not Frills' initial offering (Monsters! Equipment!)

Any chances of Spheres of Power getting a Starfinder version?

[GM DemonMoose] Star RPG Alien Bestiary 4

[LPJ Design] Infinite Space: Alternate Racial Traits: Worlds of Difference (SFRPG) for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

[Kickstarter] Spaceship maps Now Live

[GMG Kickstarter] The Widow's Tear: Cosmic Horror for Starfinder is live!

Munchkin Starfinder Kickstarter

[Fat Goblin Games] Presents: Strange Worlds: Dead Planets

[Fat Goblin Games] Alien Evolution: Cosmic Race Guide

Nommu: Heart of a Stalled Empire

[PCGen] Starfinder comes to PCGen

Xeno File issue 3: Halloween Edition

Starfinder Tools

Races of Red Sector [Little Red]

[Advice] Starfinder with Crisis of the World Eater

GM DemonMoose Star RPG Alien Races 2

[Straight Path Games] Trap Cards

Blog: Quite an Experience to Live in Fear, Isn't It?

[LPJ Design] Infinite Space: Warp Speed! Expanded Starship Creation (SFRPG) for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Monster building process from the Alien Archive is crying out to be computerised

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