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How will you change Starfinder in your home games?

Envoy and Solarian Fixes

Post your campaign ideas here

Custom Starfinder Starships

Starfinder Pop Culture

Nickela's Starfinder Ship Build Calculator

Pejoratives in SPAAAAACE!

Control module for power armor?

Federation Starships in Starfinder

Build me some alternate themes

Star Trek Races

So, what are you brewing for Starfinder?

Promethean Shipyards

House Rule to depower Dexterity and improve Charisma

Alien Creatures

My Starfinder Houserules Part 1 - Improving the Solarian

Let's Make Up Starfinder Spaceship Concepts!

Selling Captured Starships

Caster Focused Class

Mass Effect Races

Star wars Theme, Archetypes, and Feats

Kaidan 2.0 - Feudal Japan, MegaCorps and Starships setting for Starfinder RPG

New Feat Ideas

What if sniper rifles had Trick Attack

Fatigue is hitting me. Help zap some energy into my work on Mechfinder.

What's Your Starfinder Campaign Like?

build point costs in credits by level

Coilgun BP costs

What happen in time between PF and Starfinder?

Bayonets ?

Starfinder characters based off of Pop culture

Tryn's Starship Builders Guidebook

Homebrew Starship Options

Mercury Venus Earth Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn

What if Golarion had NOT disappeared?

Solarian Revelation: Power Within; balancing and ideas

Traveller Scout-Courier converted to Starfinder

Would like some help making a home brew campaign

Some Home Brew Archetypes! (That don't suck)


some new tech based items

Why is it the Forbidden Zone?

Traveller Starfinder Crossover

40k Tau Empire - Custom Races

starfinder 40k

Traveler Races

Starfinder Barbarian

Full attack question

Xenomorphs within the Starfinder Universe

New Crew Role: Stargazer

Fallout creatures in Starfinder

Runelords... IN SPACE!

Space Plane-Touched

Homebrew Lore: How would the Azlanti handle defeat?

Considering other star drive systems in Starfinder.

Weapon Specialization -- keep it full CL for all?

Homebrew Tips - Shields

A starfinder monk

Class Feedback: The Adept

GM changing how often we get attribute increases, looking for other opinions on it.

Shadowfinder: Weapon augments, 'ware, and other shadowrun conversions

Creature vs. Starship combat.

Combat Option: Single Target Burst?

Starfinder Paladin Homebrew

Luna Sanctus or Wrath of the Righteous in Spaaace

Medical Officer & Alternate CT Rule- AKA: giving the mystic something to do in starship combat

Fighter Squadron Rules

Let’s have some fun! Stat up some sci-if races from pop culture with me!

Charisma Caster Class

Molding Star Wars races into playable races for Starfinder

Ikiry0's Starfinder Races (One old, some new)

Breaching an Airlock

Shifter (The Galaxy's Bounty Hunters)

Multiclass Archetypes

New items coming out of home games.

Large and Small characters homebrew rules

Can the space above Ravenloft be its own domain?

Dragons as a PC race

My Starfinder Campaign

Doom stat blocks for Starfinder

The Pact Worlds Central System

Random Drift Encounter

Upgrading Weapons

Nonstarship vehicle combat?

A More Sensible Reskinning of the Starknife

Anyone know where Tien Xia went?

Solarian band-aid: Is this too much or not enough?

Is anyone doing anything fun for fumbles?

Mass Effect Race Conversions.

How bad is fire vulnerability?

Base Ability / Spell DC's. Monster Saves, and thoughts on making DC target numbers

Conversion Advice

Homebrew Feats / Revelations For Solarians

New Starship Options

Stuff that will inevitably be added someday, but am speculating houseruling anyway

Rules for playing a character with Psychological issues

gunnery skill


Race: Space Kobolds

Breaking Down Items into UPBs

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