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Fallout d20 Starfinder conversion documents

Mass Effect Race Conversions.

Pact World Planet Summaries

Promethean Shipyards

Full attack question

Kaidan 2.0 - Feudal Japan, MegaCorps and Starships setting for Starfinder RPG

Tinker Gnomes and Giant Space Hamsters, Oh My!

New Class: Medic

Tsutsayosdi's Homebrew Races

What if Golarion had NOT disappeared?

Adding Occult Ritual Rules to Starfinder

Fixing Borais

Molding Star Wars races into playable races for Starfinder

Shadowfinder: Weapon augments, 'ware, and other shadowrun conversions

Crafting Gear mod ideas

One Shot Idea 'Details Insides'

Unarmed Operative Exploit?

Zerg in Starfinder

What's Your Starfinder Campaign Like?

Tabletop simulator objects , Absalom Station

Twitter thread for Starfinder comedy and plot hooks

Psionics in my campaign. How best do I handle this, any suggestions?

What happen in time between PF and Starfinder?

Homebrew Starship Options

Stealth Campaign

Adapting a Feat From Pathfinder: Leadership

Started a blog for my one-shot adventures: Laser Danger RPG

Rewinding the Starfinder Timeline

build point costs in credits by level

Campaign handbooks, house rules, and other stuff


Build me some alternate themes


Custom Starfinder Starships

My home rules for starship maneuver DC .

Coilgun BP costs

Get Punchy: Two new operative exploits to support unarmed combat

Fallout creatures in Starfinder

starfinder 40k

Cortical Datastack (Augmentation) from Altered Carbon

Powered Armor

Luck & Aesthetic: Supplemental Ability Scores

40k races

Eberron Races in Starfinder

Invigorating Treatment - A Feat For Non-Magic Healers

Selling Captured Starships

Random Drift Encounter

Homebrew Race: The Amurrun, Hunters of Secrets

Nickela's Starfinder Item Calculator

New race: shippen - when it's not enough just to have a ship

Xenomorphs within the Starfinder Universe

Looking for stats for a Weeping Angel

Condensing game mechanics and level variability

Starfinder Pop Culture

Combat Option: Single Target Burst?

Something for your Surgeon When games

Token Spell (Old School)

Ikiry0's Starfinder Races (One old, some new)

Starfinder-Compatible Setting: A "Galaxy" in Miniature

Mass Effect Races

Federation Starships in Starfinder

Does a Starfinder short story count as "homebrew"?

Adding Duergar in Starfinder (PC race)

How bad is fire vulnerability?

Nickela's Starfinder Ship Build Calculator

Janco's Custom Armory: a custom gear project - Suggestions Wanted!

Starship expansion bays that scale with size

Let’s have some fun! Stat up some sci-if races from pop culture with me!

Tryn's Starship Builders Guidebook

Michtim race for Starfinder

Welcome to the Bahamut Sector

Building a Dark Sun homage setting in Starfinder

Converting the Alchemist for Starfinder

Solarian Revelation: Soothing Light

Arcane Assailant Fix

Breaching an Airlock

Fan-made logo "Obsidian Spiders"

Shifter (The Galaxy's Bounty Hunters)

Dragons as a PC race

Potential New Starfinder Baddies (maybe?)

Star wars Theme, Archetypes, and Feats

Flavorful Ways to Portray Hacking

So, what are you brewing for Starfinder?

Armor Creation

Ship Expansion: Holodeck

Fighter Squadron Rules

Runelords... IN SPACE!

Base Ability / Spell DC's. Monster Saves, and thoughts on making DC target numbers

Subnautica in Starfinder (Spoilers!)

Fatigue as a Leveled Spell

For My Fellow Necromancy Enthusiasts: Reanimator Mystic Connection

Bayonets ?

New Grenade Idea

Dragons as a PC race

Warlock Mystic Connection

An attempt at Levelled Power Armors

Ship Weapons: Magnetic Mines

Bulk Freighter into a Space Cruise Liner - requires expansion bay adjustment

Thought experiment: scaling character instead of equipment

Alien Creatures

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