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Build me some alternate themes

Selling Captured Starships

How bad is fire vulnerability?

Tryn's Starship Builders Guidebook

Promethean Shipyards

Combat Option: Single Target Burst?

Starship expansion bays that scale with size

Michtim race for Starfinder

Welcome to the Bahamut Sector

Building a Dark Sun homage setting in Starfinder

Converting the Alchemist for Starfinder

Solarian Revelation: Soothing Light

Arcane Assailant Fix

Breaching an Airlock

Fan-made logo "Obsidian Spiders"

Shifter (The Galaxy's Bounty Hunters)

Eberron Races in Starfinder

Dragons as a PC race

Potential New Starfinder Baddies (maybe?)

Star wars Theme, Archetypes, and Feats

Flavorful Ways to Portray Hacking

So, what are you brewing for Starfinder?

Armor Creation

Ship Expansion: Holodeck

Fighter Squadron Rules

Homebrew Starship Options

Runelords... IN SPACE!

Custom Starfinder Starships

build point costs in credits by level

Subnautica in Starfinder (Spoilers!)

Fatigue as a Leveled Spell

For My Fellow Necromancy Enthusiasts: Reanimator Mystic Connection

Bayonets ?

New Grenade Idea

Dragons as a PC race

Warlock Mystic Connection

An attempt at Levelled Power Armors

Federation Starships in Starfinder

Ship Weapons: Magnetic Mines

Bulk Freighter into a Space Cruise Liner - requires expansion bay adjustment

Thought experiment: scaling character instead of equipment

Alien Creatures

Need suggestions for revolver type weapons.

Spells in starship combat

Colour Spray Gauntlet

Multiclass Archetypes

Project Alien Bestiary Conversion

Wuxia Swordsmen in Spaaaaace

Better Elementals

New Envoy Improvisations

Altering SFS Scenarios to make them more inclusive... (Spoilers... Duh.)


Upgrading Weapons

Post Your Homebrew Starships Here

Coilgun BP costs

Homebrew Mechanic buffs especially for Exocortex. Feedback please

Crazy campaign idea

GM changing how often we get attribute increases, looking for other opinions on it.

Robot legs

Medical Officer & Alternate CT Rule- AKA: giving the mystic something to do in starship combat

Crafted Items, Fusions and Maze Core. Feedback appreciated

Creature vs. Starship combat.

New Class Concept: The Chemist!

Control module for power armor?

More Flame Weapons

New Soldier Fighting Style Ideas

Empyreal Skylark: GM's Journal of a Homebrew Starfinder Campaign

Starfinder Pop Culture

How would you create a Whip-Hound in Starfinder?

Homebrew Themes: Security, Liaison, Outlander

Better Key Ability Scores

Really Wild West

New Feat Ideas

Item Cards


Additional Drone Options

More Injection Weapons

Ikiry0's Starfinder Races (One old, some new)

Nonstarship vehicle combat?

New items coming out of home games.

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

Nickela's Starfinder Ship Build Calculator

Charisma Caster Class

Identify Affliction

Mass Effect Races

Cyber-Wraith Monster Idea: Need Help

Welcome to Eox. Hope you survive.

Conversion Advice

Starfinder Wars (Star Wars)

Should I change the bonus to skills from Skill Focus or class abilities to untyped?

Traveler Races

My Starfinder Campaign

Looking for stats for a Weeping Angel

World of Warcraft(tm) Orcs to Starfinder Scro

Themes in Pathfinder RPG

Star Trek Races

Starfinder Barbarian

Starfinder traverse: heroes list

Caster Focused Class

Space Plane-Touched

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