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Advice Subforum Guidelines

Bonus language for a Ysoki Pirate

Armor as Space Suit

NPC Military Level and Gear Scaling

Vesk Operative Help

Dwarven Envoy

Great ship or great maneuverability?

How do you store and organize your pawn collection?

Organized Play Solarian Advice?

Arcane Assailant Question

Help me find a tagline for my character

Starfinder Hydra

Give me ideas on building a dragon kin combat biker.

Non-attacking Mechanic

How do operatives stack up without their extra damage?

What information would be most important for a visual aid card?

Why should you never start with an ability score of 17 at level one? Or can you?

Which materials work best with Dead Suns?

Base Ability / Spell DC's. Monster Saves, and thoughts on making DC target numbers

60 attacks in one round at level two?

DPR For Almost All Melee and Ranged Weapons

Looking for Someone to Help With Starfinder 3rd Party Expansion

Droid Needed

Do we hear the screams or not?

Is there any way to make Small Arms and Operative Weapons viable on non-Operative?

my player wants to build death choper

Avoidance of 'Mighty Whitey' During Endgame

First time playing a support caster.

General Solarian Guide

Ravingdork's Starfinder Art Gallery

Solarian Tweaks: Dodge Bonus?

(SFS build) Old Kung-Fu Solarian

[Starfinder] Teaching the Game. What are the “best practices”?

Creating Rideable Drone

Theater of the mind style Starship combat advice

Solarian Build Plan

Comm Upgrades

New GM, New Players, New Everything! How Can I Ease Everyone Into Starfinder?

Expected Abilities per Level

Help with my first character

Envoy or Operative?

Mystic Healer feeling useless (Help needed)

First time running Starfinder: How many is too many for Dead Suns?

Why would anyone buy Sprayflesh?

GM hammer question / opinion request - "Paladin falling"

Reverse engineered armor fusions

Kobold character

Reptoid and Change Shape

Maze-Core Combos

[SFS] class and theme for witchwyrd

Android Solarian R / R Please

[SFS] 3rd-level mystic gear upgrade priorities.

How to Structure an Adventure?

How to roleplay giving players resources for ship upgrades?

Looking for some advice on running a starfinder "hexcrawl"

Suitable adverntures for younger players

Operative Build - Answers & Advice needed

Starship maintenance?

Looting a Starship

Advice on Ysoki Outlaw Mechanic build

Want advice on how to build a Skittermander Solarian

Advice for new(ish) DM

Dragon Disciple Mystic

(SFS)A Technical Soldier

Help me figure out what to play! [Dark Suns] **No Spoilers**

New to starfinder Melee Mystic Solar shaman / blitz solder build Help

Good / Useful Equipment

under water random encounter table

Dragonkin Technomancer build

Armor Comaprison

Android Solarian?

SFS android blitz soldier / exocortex mechanic build advice

Starfinder ship build idea

Looking for advice on Ysoki Mechanic Outlaw build

Could Drift be achieved outside of the the material plane?

Character Name Help.

Should I change the bonus to skills from Skill Focus or class abilities to untyped?

Jedi in Starfinder

Piecing together an all day adventure.

New Player - Timid / Reluctant Child PC

Starfinder Noir

Squadron instead of a single ship

Looking for short "patron" style adventure ideas

Starfinder Horror: Accursed Companions, Corruptions, and more

Mystic & Useful Crew Member

looking at ships base frames

Arcane Assailant with vesk unarmed

Let's Queer Up Starfinder!

Computer stat block

How to build a magekiller in Starfinder?

what are some creative uses for the technomancers fabricate tech?

Help me build a Kitsune Fire Domain Druid!

Build a Better Computer (Artificial Intelligence Helper Monkey)

Skittermander for Dead Suns

Mystic Longarms

need rooms for my ancient alien artifact dungeon crawl party has APL of 3

First Starship Combat Handouts

DPR For Every Ranged Weapon *

Is there any reason to have a con more than 10 in starfinder?

Kineticist in Starfinder

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