Calling a Race... an Ancestry? Please restore RACE for the Races!!

Standardize Rules for Half-Races Across All Ancestries

Dwarf Ancient’s Blood

Half-Orc / Half-Elf

The Problems with Ancestry

Orcs as a Core Race!

Human & Halfling Improvements

The Systems Agnostic's Too Long PF2E Critique Part 2

Does a "Rough Rider" Goblin give you access to a Goblin Dog?

Goblin: Rough Rider & Animal Companion interaction

Ancestries Should Have Two Ability Boosts and One Flaw

Easy ancestry fix, front load more ancestry feats?

Elves & Drow

Rules Question: Human Ancestry, Natural Ambition and Multiclassing

Stretching an Old Problem

Natural Ambition and General Training should be removed and replaced

Does goblin "burn it" apply to splash damage

What I like about ancestries and what I think can be improved

ORC WEAPON CARNAGE - not possible at level 5 for Humans...?

Blacksmith Background and Formulas

Natural Ambition question


Goblins.... +2 Dex... +2.... Cha?!

Ancestries seem fine with new players

Proposed Fix to Ancestories

To Goblin or not to Goblin ....

Haughty Obstinacy helps PCs resist Coerce?

Gnome Animal Accomplice

Free ability slots and more class choice

Goblin fighter needs Weapon Familiarity (Goblin) for Dogslicer ?

Elves are quick. Where in the folklore can I find this information

Heritage feats are problematic.

Dwarf bonus language typos

How do we make sense of "I didn't have this aspect of the culture I grew up in until level 5"?

Elf Speed

Most of the racial feats look like hot garbage.

Halfling stat boosts incorrect?


The ancestry options seem to be unbalanced

Why Are These Things Not Just Called Race?

I'm just a human now, but when I grow up, mom's gonna become an orc so I can be a half-orc.

A call for Goblins to be +dex / Int -wis

Ancestral Feats are an impediment to the character creation process for new players

Goblin flavor and bonuses

Thoughts on Ancestries

Possible fix: Instead of more Ancestry Feats, Background Feats?

Why do Dwarves get leadership at level 1?

Hafling Keen Eyes (Ancestry Feat)

Scholar Background Question - skill Acquisition

Why do races have ancestry-specific HP?

Elf pupils

Half - Elf / Half -Orc: how?

Heritage feats should all be grouped together

Number of Ancestries?

Goblin Bite

First Thoughts On Goblins

Backgrounds & Their Limitations; customization

Homebrew Playtest Ysoki

"Human: Ethnicities" subsection feels jarring

"Lore" is a poor name for the skill

More ancestries

Halfling need some love

An 18 Wisdom goblin.


Background feats and Prerequisites

Innate spells should be able to key off any ability score, not just Charisma

Ancestries and my initial thoughts.

Rules Query - Backgrounds

Goblin Burn It clarification

Some Genuine Ancestry Suggestions

Ancestries and my initial thoughts.

Non-Caster Gnomes and Animal Accomplice

Adopted Ancestry: Nothing till 5th level?

Does "Burn It" Have an Error?

Halflings are worse than other races

Spell Attribute / Training / DC missing from Elf and Gnome Cantrip Feats

Why do all Backgrounds include one "free" ability boost?

Weapon Cunning

Rough Rider too strong?

Background in glossary is incorrect

Happy stick 2.0 or The Feat all should take?

Elves and half-elves seem quite nice for raw speed

Ancestry Ability Score Bonus Clarification

The half-elf and half-orc entry feats should have rebalanced options

Dwarves and goblins could be underrated for their darkvision

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