Running the Game

Are you your own ally in 2e, or, Retributive Strike might get nasty


condensing all the modifiers

Conditions - Wording and confusions

Doing non-lethal with lethal weapon and vice versa

How fast do you fall?

Area effect questions

Awarding experience points question

Bulk rules different

Damaging items and Hardness attacks?

GM Screens

Moving through a Creature’s Space - Prone and Incapacitated Creatures

Death Save DC

The work so far

Muscle Cleric casts Fist (x-post from r / Pathfinder_RPG)

Multiple Exposures

Weapon damage dice

Shield Block Reaction damage

The Lost GM

Form Fill-able Character Sheet

Trying to Understand DCs by looking at “The Lost Star”

Undead and Constructs at 0 HP: Broken instead of Destroyed?

Cantrips in PF Playtest

Passive Perception and Hazards

How much XP to hand out for combat?

Lore vs Arcana, Occultism, Nature, Religion

What about non magical healing resources?

Extended Skill Check Adjudication Example

How many encounters per rest on average?

How to Set DC's

The Picture of Reach

Running Doomsday Dawn Q

Secret skill checks logistics with large parties

Skill system

Readying an action prevents some narratively-reasonable events

Why isn't Palming or Stealing an object "secret"

initiative change

Condition cards

Hero points for out of game activities

persistent damage can be quite time consuming and resource intensive

Goblin Pox success and fail give same result

1e to 2e conversion ? An easy prospect ?

More and shorter rest periods per day?

Running my First Game / Doomsday Dawn: The Lost Star (Part 1)

Is nonmagical Ammunition destroyed when used?

Suggestion: Hero Points

Adjusting encounters for 6 players

Suggestions for Level 1 Permanent Items?

Confused about Unconcious Condition

Experience points wrong in "The Lost Star?" [Spoiler]

Confused About Command Undead Cleric Feat

Help with poison!

Death Save and Persistent Damage

Has any one noticed Secret Checks? Taking player agency away

Are there any limits to how often treat poison can be used per turn?

Suprise Round???

"Well, crit..." - Doomsday Dawn and TPK

That CR 0 pit trap is a DOOZY

Poison - how exactly does it work?

1d4-1 Damage

Fortitude DC?

Light Sources and Low-Light Vision

XP Gain Question

Things my group noticed tonight during character creation....

I don't undertand exploration mode

Crafting in Doomsday Dawn

[Skill Proficiency] Option to improve game play

Can we get some more solid guidelines for common action / skill use DCs?

GM Screen / Cheat Sheets (Google Docs)

A few rules questions

Point blank shooting

Surprise round questions

A systemic issue and an elegant and easy fix.

Conditions from Afflictions with no duration

Climb DCs and Break DCs seem Contradictory and Illogical

Are you forcing GMs to adjust skill checks DCs with character level?

What is the AC of a door?

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