Monsters and Hazards

"Hard encounters" anything but?

Abyssal / Infernal Pact: Am I missing something?

Adding classes to monsters

Adjusting Encounters

Adjusting Encounters Math

Any Plans to Release Monster Building Rules During Playtest?

Are drow humanoids?

Attack Bonuses are too high for level 0 creatures

attack of opportunity for everyone

Backwards Compatibility of the Bestiary

Being at a higher level makes you safer while you sleep

Bring Back Monsters Tactics!

Building encounters for 1-on-1 games

Clay Golem autokill with ray of frost?

Confused about balancing encounters.

Creating Custom NPCs

Demon Resistances

Do monsters have the multiple attack penalty?

Do you wish monsters had statistics more like PCs, as they used to? Yes!, Please

Dragons as spellcasters?

Elite CR0 enemies vs. Party Level 1

Elite monster adjustments per player

Eye-balling published encounter difficulty for different level party


Ferocity question

Gaze Attacks... How Do?

Goblin Scuttle

Goblins in 2P

Gotta say that I love bestiary undead actualy speak Necril now

Green Dragon description uses wrong terminology

Hidden Monsters creation rules ?

How do you stats NPCs

I can't duplicate the monsters in beastiary - DM in playtest

Innate Spells and Material Casting

Is Grim Reaper being Unique creature retcon or mistake?

Is it just me, or are some monsters not "rare enough"?

Making sure I understand Grab

The math doesn't work

Maybe your level is your age in years?

Monster ability formatting

Monster Attacks

Monster Perception

Monster Reactions: Hell yeah

Monster Skills: A Serious Problem

Monster tactics and 'Attack of Opportunity'

Monster Templates

Monsters and Shield Block

More specific tags for monster NPCs

No summoning allies for demons / devils any more?

Please add the dying condition DC to monsters entries

Poisoned Dart Gallery DC

Quicksand: how to escape it?

Recall Knowledge: Which skill applies?

Rysky Reviews the Playtestiary, Monster Parade!

The Sewer Ooze was a bust...

Shadow, wraith, and wendigo apocalypses

So Cramped! An Issue with Layout.

So is 23 or 25 the cap level for monsters at the release?

So will there ever be mythic subtype?

Solo monsters and action economy

Tarrasque where?

Theorycrafting - Monster Hunter-style critters with multiple 'parts'

Types and Subtypes now appear as Traits!

Uh, I think bestiary text accidentally make lot of monsters always evil

Weapon Damage = Magic Weapon?

Weapon Size Adjustments



What does the Trained in a trap stat block mean?

Whats with the two names on some monsters?

Where is Step defined.

why are currents difficult terrain?

Why would a monster not use it's best attack every time?

XP From Creatures?

Your Results with the Encounter Building Rules in Practice

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