Magic Items

Bag of Holding

Shields are too easily destroyed.

Magic weapons are now virtually required to be effective.

[Resonance] Why I like it and how I think it can be improved.

Example of how bad crafting magic items currently is

Are +1, +2 etc. magic weapons boring?

Unshackling Damage from Magic Weapons

Armor is too weak / almost pointless


Missing Magic Items

Formulas make crafting cost more than market price?

Bows needs a critical effect

owlbear claw - is an unarmed strike a weapon

Crafting items over 100gp = character retirement?

Tanglefoot bags are broken

Rune bombs?

Bracers of Armor is too much of a power spike for Monks

Elven Chain strangeness

Why are most magic items so useless?

Character wealth / treasure tables and permanent items at low levels

Potent keyword

Potion Pricing

Special Materials: Vastly more expensive, or SP / GP mixup?

Darkwood special material cost table missing expert cost.

Necklace of Fireballs - Resonance Points and Operate Activation

Deadmanwalking's Magic Item Problems Thread

Looking at magic item resonance use and cost

Magic armor and weapons: investment and activation

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