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Call for Feedback: The Index

Post Gen Con Update

READ BEFORE YOU POST: How to make sure your voice is heard by Paizo

A small (but important!) complaint about the small paragraph on "Faith"

Paizo Blog: Your First Adventure

Level bonus, explain why we need it

Character creation ends with mostly the same 18,16,14,12,10,8 build

Why the change in gold?

Spoilers for past Adventure Paths in the rulebook

Basic Impressions, Section By Section

Druids make better horsemen than cavaliers

Can we still "sunder"?

Errata questions

Do Sorcerers get a class feat at level 1?

Playtest “Fillable" Character Sheet

The Systems Agnostic's Too Long PF2E Critique Part 1

Financial risk for Paizo with 2nd Edition?

Pregens, where?

AC and ability score scaling

Is it too late to go back to the drawing board?

Any word on the Errata today?

Familiars page 287 of the playtest Rulebook.

Shields and Double Slice

The Fighter Thread

Argh, the layout.

A reminder to Paizo and players

Best way to create new characters (not using dice to roll stats).

My opinion as a 15 years gamer, after around 20 hours of PF2.

My reaction after my first read through

Paizo: Very Important Question from my Wife :)

Character creation options

Red and Orange labels

Level 5 characters are FUN to create

I don't agree with the impetus behind the change to the death system

A custom Pathfinder playtest character sheet!

Should archtypes start at level 1?

Can you please get Jason Bulmahn's voice out of my head while I'm reading the rulebook?

Split the Forums

Nonlethal issues

Non-Binary Gender Inclusion but with a Contradiction

Deadmanwalking's Reaction Thread

Bloated numbers do NOT diminish d20 importance

Improved the 3-action system

My quick thoughts on combat, resonance, disparity.

I actually like the Playtest

PF1 or PF2 to introduce new players?

Does being trained in unarmored add to your AC?

Alchemist Issues

First Impressions: Character Creation

Could it work?

The Playtest Reaction after Session One

Open Innovation Tool to collect feedback

My main issues with PF2, broken down

unified rules vs creature / class feature

Does +3 Seem Legendary?

A look on 1st level power level compared to commoner

Paizo Twitch and thoughts

Temporary Ability scores / modifiers

What I Do and Don't like about Second Edition

Post Session Report: It feels like Pathfinder.

Making the Game Playable at All Levels - Possible Pitfalls I See

Converted Rise of the Runelords Playtest

What characters do you want to play?

Marshmallow's character options review / discussion thread

Are some classes not needed under the 2E artchype system?

Can one be expert in a skill at character creation?

Unnecessary SKILL FEATS for actions

Gamer Type and PF2 Friction

Dying, Knocked Out and Initiative

We should be playtesting Level 2

Feats you get for free

First Impression Playtest

Feedback after 1st part of Doomsday Dawn

Custom Character Sheet (Google Sheets)

Plain Background Character Sheets?

Interesting stuff you can do with PF2 characters

Readthrough: some writing issues

Titania Playtest

Bard Healing?

Some Ideas for Legendary Skill Feats

Elite adjustments per player

Ryan B's Playtest Feedback Thread

My take on PF2 and why I made a new thread for that

Watch our playtest sessions

First impressions from first level

"The Options Are Limited And Generic"


Strom Druid Anathema Issues

What we expected vs what we got

General minor issues

Lost Star Report and General Observations

It just.... does not feel awesome

I think I accidentally invented a magus / arcane paladin

Critical Problems: RAW vs RAI

Splint vs Plate Armor

Endless Beer Mug of Nothingness

New vs. Old

Degrees of success order

Martials Need Better Toys

Is there an explicit list of design goals?

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