War for the Crown

6 - The Six-Legend Soul (GM Reference)

4 - City in the Lion's Eye (GM Reference)

3 - The Twilight Child (GM Reference)

1 - Crownfall (GM Reference)

2 - Songbird, Scion, Saboteur (GM Reference)

5 - The Reaper's Right Hand (GM Reference)

Playing for other factions.

War for the Crown Obituaries Thread (Spoilers)

Introducing & Foreshadowing Enemies (SPOILERS ALL)

Paizo Blog: On Legacies

Faces of the Senate (**Possible Spoilers**)

Love those covers!

Succession Loyalties [Spoiler Alert]

Non-human noble scion?

What characters are you going to play in this AP?

War for the Crown in DragonLance

How is this AP?

Good Cavalier Orders for War for the Crown

War For The Crown Agent Generator

GM Impressions after my first session [SPOILERS]

Advice for War for the Crown NPC's.

*spoilers* Bigger Army Diplomacy

Nefarious Schools

Paladin Viability?

First Adventure Path?

Temple location and Status questions

Freebies, handouts, media and other resources for GMs

Would ratfolk be appropriate for this AP? What about races?

Cavalier & His Mount

Who Appoints Grand Dukes?

Baron Okerra's alignment

War for the Crown and Crownfall Contradict a Lot About Taldor

Paizo Blog: She who Writes the Player's Guide Should Swing the Sword

The More Role Playing Experiment

6 player adjustment advice

Playing as a member of the Lotheed Family

Prestige classes

House rule that is working out well

Paizo Blog: When You War for the Crown, You Win or You Die

Player's guide?

Fan-made Traits

Fan-Made Player's Guide

I should probably not be running this adventure path (or Princess Eutropia as the Villain)

Songbird, Scion, Saboteur - Interactive maps

Regnal numbers and other weird customs of Taldan royalty

Module 2 .. answer these questions 3 [SPOILERS]

War for the Crown Player’s Guide?

Alternate starting missions

Wild Speculation: major (N)PCs as a Characters?

Get your flash cards ready! [SPOILERS - GM ONLY]

Low level prequel adventure for WftC?

Crownfall - Player's Edition

War for the Crown AP, Feb 2018

Blog Entry: January 30, 2018

Looking for an old Taldor AP thread

Campaign traits we hope to see

Possible sessions 0

What do you THINK your players will play in this AP?

Can't Wait for This One.

What Intrigue Subsystems do you want to see? Or think will be there?

War for the Crown AP, Feb 2018 ver.2

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