Skull & Shackles

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[spoiler] Plugg and Scrooge down on day one! What now?

[SPOILER] Captain's Log - Day Seven - My First Mate is Dead.

[Spoilers] Who's bringing back Harrigan as the final villain?

[Spoilers] Players want to give the Hurricane King a gift...


[Player Question] Good Guy Pirates?

[Player Question] Pirates don't use Backpacks.

[Player here, plz no spoilers] Third session with the first book, getting bored

[ITLAPD] 'Tis the Most Wond-Arrr!-ful Time o' the Year (Wormwood Edition)

[GMs Only] Wormwood Attitude Work Sheet

[GMs Only] Weather, Exploration, and Special Encounters Charts (Work in Progress)

[GMs Only] Speeding up & smoothing out the day / night mechanics

[DM Reference] more DM Question

Zarskia as an investigator

Your Jolly Roger

You See a Frigate on the Horizon

You need a ship, and she better be a good one!

You Are Now The Hurricane King

yet another homebrew Naval system

Yarrr... How ye be healin' on de open seas?

Yarr! The pirate crew challenge

Wyvern's Race

Wydah exhibit: Real Pirates

Wow. Ship to ship battles suck!

Wounds & Vigor in Skull & Shackles

Wormwood voyage question

Wormwood ship conversion

Wormwood Officer Stats

Wormwood Mutiny | Please Give Insite

Wormwood Mutiny One-shot

Wormwood Mutiny mini quests

Wormwood Mutiny Interactive Map Strange Map Tags Decision?

Wormwood Mutiny Anecdotes -Bonewrack Pt. I

Wormwood Death Toll Rising...

Wonderous Item Creation

Wondering if this bugged others....

Wizards and Spellbooks

Witchdoctor Build - Opinions Please

Winning over the Wormwood Crew

Why should we be Free Captains?

Why not just catapult vs control device?

Why life as a Master Summoner is good...

Who Survives? [spoilers for The Wormwood Mutiny]

Who do the pirates raid?

Who casts the 8th level spells in Port Peril?

Which roll method for this AP?

Which NPC irritated your group the most? (Possibly *Spoilers*)

Which Books to Allow

Where's the Pirate Code?

Where's the Formidably Maid?

Where did the slur 'Slip' come from?

Where can I find a Paladin in or near the Shackles?

What should I play with this group?

What ship maps are needed throughout the AP ?

What points in the campaign did you feel are in need of more content?

What lies at the heart of the storm? [[ SPOILER ]]

What is your skull and shackles party?

What is the party's goal?

What is the name of Hardluck Massey's Ship?

What happened to your NPC Crews? Book 1 Spoilers!

What did your party do to Admiral Barnabas Harrigan? (spoilers!)

What did you change that worked really well? (spoilers aplenty)

What deities work well for this AP?

What could undead do on a pirate ship?

What classes are Better and Poorer within this AP?

What class can complement this group?

What book to buy next with this AP?

What are the DRs that we will be coming accross in this campaign?

What are some must-make modifications to the adventure?

What additions and / or changes have you made to Skull And Shackles?

Whalebone Pilk Situation *Spoilers*

whalebone pilk

Whale's swallow whole ability.

Well rounded pirates

Weather Modifiers Around the Shackles

We finally did it! Thank you Paizo!

Voluntarily signing on?

Vindictive Harpoon

Vermin empathy

Venture captain

Utilizing Pirates of... into Skulls and Shackles

Using UMD in the Eye of Serenity (Island of the Empty Eyes) (Spoilers)

Using the Maiden as the Promise with Fire as She Bears

Using animals that are not pets

Using a galley at sea.

useful campaign languages

Upgrading Ships Crews - Possible?

Unrest, Morale, Consumption, and other missing odds and ends.

Undersea Dungeon Tiles

Uncanny Dodge and Skull & Shackles

Ultimate Campaigning in Skull & Shackles

Ultimate Campaign Organizations in Skull & Shackles

Two quick questions

Two different styles of play?

Twenty Rumors

Tweaking the sails and tightening the rigging.

Turns out pirates are notoriously cheap bastards

Trouble with catapults in Skull and Shackle

Travel time in the Shackles

Blog: Yo-Ho-Ho, it's a Pirate's Life for Me!

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