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So I hatched a tatzlwyrm, what now?

2d6 damage from a bear trap?

Kingmaker Adventure Log

New Florida Kingmaker Campaign

Did anyone else’s stickies get un-stickied?

Order of the Deer / Stag

Thinking of replacing parts of War of the River Kings with Prisoners of the Blight

Replacing The Forgotten Keep with the Witchmarket

What's in a name?

Kingmaker storyline extended

Estruan of Aventen (new character backstory)

Sandpoint in the Stolen Lands

Map Suggestions for Book 6?

How have you used Brevoy?

Rushlight Festival: Boasts

Rebuilding Whiterose Abbey

Nyrissa strategy [SPOILER]

Dragonscale Loyalist

National Anthem

Kingmaker In Space

Brainstorming ...

The Defender of the Tooth!!

Kingmaker in a Steampunk setting!

Kingmaker themes (and the Defense of Tatzlford)

For your amusement: The Spawn of Ithuliak

I just read the overlord light Novel and anime

16-bit Kingmaker *LETS PLAY*

A 16-bit intro

List of Custom-Made Encounters Added to the Narlmarches

List of Custom-Made Encounters Added to the Narlmarches

[Spoiler] Background change

From a player's perspective

leadership role positions paid?

Kingdom Building Google Spreadsheet?

Our Kingmaker game *SPOILERS!!!*

Lost Kingmaker map?

Ngara Stats (Blood for Blood)

Help with an idea for an encounter..

Realm Works Player Ed now available!

Alternative Tartuk Encounter for Six Player Parties

SPOILERS Book 3 Changes for Eberron, + adding Pathfinder Modules. Advice / Suggestions welcome.

Expanded Random Encounter Tables

Moonradish economy or how to monopolize rare resources

Technologies for cities

Beauty and Blood? (Spoilers)

Gothic horror corrupts a Kingmaker campaign

Army Alignments

Old Sharptooth as a "real" god

For GMs, re: Finale - players getting into the Fable (Spoilers!)

TDL's Magical Kingmaker GoogleDocs Spreadsheet

Army rules for Realm of the Fellnight Queen [minor spoilers]

Nyrissa's dimensional demolition man

Alternate Leadership Role Names

New Faerie Passions product for this AP!

Kingmaker PBP DM's come one come all!

Mass combat and soldier level

Fun Boggard for whatever

Special Cities

War of River Kings - Pitax army tactics

The Winter Solstice Fiasco

Mass Combat - Battlesystem / Kingmaker hybrid, version 1.0

Dominion & Mass Combat rules

My War of the River kings so far. Spoilers Abound

My Kingmaker Mods and thoughts

Handouts For Kingmaker

Advice requested on Fort Drelev (spoilers)

Excel spreadsheet for tracking Kingdom building.

Introducing Golarion via Kingmaker

Changes in AP2, location G. Abandoned Keep Spoilers!

Random Kingdom Event vs APL 4

Alternate Exploration and Travel Rules For Kingmaker.

Chapter Three Preview from my game


Expanding Drelev Dungeon - looking for ideas

GMG Settlement Stat blocks & Kingdom Cities


City Building Rebuilding

Kingmaker so far (spoilers)

Map of the kingdom.

Kingmaker on OP

Elven Kingdom

Seige weapons and vehicles in mass combat

Law & Crime Version 1.

Mass Combat alternate rules

Our groups "project"

The "Surefooted" Bard's Blog

Headcheese [potential spoilers]

Actual Play Podcast

Mass combat and fortifications

Stag Lord attack stats wrong?

Bokken, Dwarf Alchemist

3rd Kingmaker Session up on YouTube

2nd Kingmaker Session up on YouTube

KM / Serpent Skull Mashup

Kingmaker- General's assistant

Leadership Vacancies

Items specific to player characters

Bog Strider Seer Queens

Monsters from the AP in Hero Lab or D20Pro?

Question about online PBP play

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