Curse of the Crimson Throne

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Community Created Stuff

Escape from Old Korvosa (GM Reference)

A History of Ashes (GM Reference)

Seven Days to the Grave (GM Reference)

Crown of Fangs (GM Reference)

Edge of Anarchy (GM Reference)

Skeletons of Scarwall (GM Reference)

Old Korvosa Spoilers - Blackjack

Looking for advice for running Laori Vaus in Escape from Old Korvosa? [SPOILERS]

[Actual Play Podcast] Sugar Fuelled Gamers present Curse of the Crimson Throne

CotCT Obituaries

Curse AP timeline

Player as Shoanti - How to handle this human race?

Increased security in Hardcover Chapter 4 Dungeon? SPOILERS

Lullaby / Nursery Rhyme for Korvosa?

Error regarding Golarions timeline? (SPOILER?!)

My Players skip all the fun stuff! [spoilers]

Brotherhood of Bones Background

Original / Hardcover differences?

Any good crimson throne podcasts?

What conflicts would a Sable Company PC have? (Spoilers)

Changes to History of Ashes

Hell's Rebels rebellion system for book 5 / 6? SPOILERS

Andaisin, Greater Magic Weapon and Magic Vestment

Back story help quickly

Newbie DM, some questions!

Broken's Curse of the Crimson Throne Log (Spoilers)

Confused by the Labyrinth - Escape From Old Korvosa

Rules for Running Knivesies?

Seems' Campaign Journal (SPOILERS)

Inspectre's Curse of the Crimson Throne Alterations (Spoilers!)

The King of Spiders in Book 3 (rerelease)

Devargo's spiked gauntlets

My Campaign Timeline - The Edge of Anarchy

Shoanti language impressions

Mini suggestions for Scarwall?

A Change in Scenery

Failed attempt at the Dead Warrens

Any "optional" storylines in the first 2 chapters?

Spoiler's question

Gaedren Lamm - spoilers

RkoTitan's Curse of the Crimson Throne Campaign [SPOILERS]

Harrow Deck Draws in Crown of Fangs (SPOILERS)

(Spoilers?) as Ranger Animal Companion?

Is that group can succeed the campaign?

How would you compensate for long delays by the characters?

Has anybody created a Majenko backstory?

Skipping history of Ashes

Rolth, now with Voice Acting!

Heal Blood Veil seems easy.

Fantasy Grounds & Curse of the Crimson Throne

Traitor in the Party

Turelus' CotCT Changes (Spoilers / GM Material)

Running CotCT with 7 players

Interactive Maps without the entire PDF

What year is Curse of the Crimson Throne? (Spoilers)

Afflicted Artists, looking for ideas (possible spoilers)

Advice for Harrow Reading w / o a Deck

Zellara's Song in Skeletons of Scarwall

Super Impressed With Changes to Scarwall

Stratt's Seven Days to the Grave Campaign Notes - Major Spoilers Within!!!

Stratt's Edge of Anarchy Campaign Notes - Major Spoilers Within!!!

Skeld's Curse of the Crimson Throne! [Spoilers!]

Suggestions for Yuleesque feast requested

Missing NPC?

Printing maps

Necromancy laws in Korvosa

Is dueling legal in Korvosa and / or its holdings?

Stratt's Curse of the Crimson Throne Campaign Notes **Major Spoilers Within!**

To Love a Queen? SPOILERS for COTCT and Acadamae of Secrets

Shops in Korvosa

[Spoilers?] The Trinia Sabor Affair

New GM Game Log, CoTCT (SPOILERS!)

Respect Point Plot

Anniversary Edition - Escape from Old Korvosa leveling

PCs investigating the Arkonas too early

Sleepy laReef's Curse of the Crimson Throne Campaign Journal (spoilers)

What if Kazavon Returns? (Adventure Path Spoilers)

Question about diversity in Curse of the Crimson Throne

Balancing around a larger party

DM Suggestions for Alternatives to History of Ashes?

Well, I did not see that coming!

Creating a memory for one of my players who passed away...

Providing a Good Argument for the Brotherhood of Bones (possible spoilers)

Chapter 5: An offer declined. Now what?

Curse Of The Crimson Throne Potential Errors

Non-spoiler AP pitch?

Advice on a Rebuilt Ileosa

Playing CotCT as Modules (Spoilers)

Monk joining the group... any advice?!


Help with why my game went wrong and how to re-launch

Hilarious CotCT Events (spoilers)

Encounter between book 1&2

Hardcover Seven Days - The Lack-of-Cleric Dilemma

Viorec's Pathfinder Journal [ Player, Spoilers ]

Escape from Old Korvosa potential alteration house on hook street [spoilers]

Seven Days and Abadar's Cleric PC - spoilers

General questions for GMing this AP (anniversary edition)

House Drake casting class

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