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Missing Organized Play Session Reporting Thread

Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread Update Scheduled for 2-27-2018

How to format your text spoiler fails

Problem amending privacy settings

Can't dismiss cookies message

Request for new link in the Store dropdown.

Getting 404 Errors Trying to Download Files

No Quick Access to PRD from Gameplay Threads

PFS event website not loading

Golem in Footer is Oversized

SFS 1-16 and SF AP 004 reporting / Additional Resources questions

Errors for latest blog on Paizo Blog page

Cannot complete purchases

Bigger is actually smaller...

Searching a forum doesn't turn up a thread that uses the search terms

Gripe about the store checkout page

A Request for Starfinder Avatars

Bad product schedule link on My Subscriptions page

Strange Aeons chronicles

Create New Post breadcrumb is set to last visited page

Add Payment Method dialog stuck in tiny window

Concordance Icon

Unable to report session...

Can not report scenarios.

Possible Website Hacking

Where are “scenarios” listed?

Cannot launch discussions from PaizoCon events

SFS01-04 Cries from the Drift reporting error

"Listing" A Thread

'How to format your text' Spoiler Box not showing

Profile Picture / Avatar Selection - Filters not working as intended

Petition: Please enable PbP players to fiddle with Society character names past 10 posts!

Suppression of dissenting opinions in the Paladin Blog

Embedding Paizo forums onto a webpage with iFrame?

Product Discussion Threads "cropping" the first few posts


‘How to format your text’ link doesn’t seem to be working.

Unable to post

Paizo Blog: Playtest the New Pathfinder Adventure Card Game at PaizoCon!

A Humble Request.

Adventure Card Game characters as avatar images

Society character cannot make a post in gameplay thread.

Novas in User description

Pathfinder Adventure Path forum topic list not displayed

Suggestion : Highligth staff posts

No way to buy PFRPG hardcovers?

Do you Think the new Paizo webpage layout “gets in the way” of browsing / using the site?

I'm a little slow - the shortcut to the community / Forums page

How to [s]not[ / s] format your text

Ignore Function

Event reporting broken?

Unable to access the Pathfinder Playtest Forum.

Pathfinder forums are down

Interactive Map Ironfang Invasion not working

Not User Friendly Anymore

"Where to buy" and "Your Local Game Store" Pages Not Working

New Layout

Links to Playtest Forum are broken

My Missing Fifth Star

PaizoCon 2018 Forums button

Problem with getting to play test forum

Switch from Product Discussion to Review swallows tabs

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game forums down?

Thread Necromancers

Some web site issues

One more for the buglist: "Mark All as Downloaded" doesn't mark anything as downloaded

My Organized Play link under My Account goes to the wrong place

We are under attack!

RSS / Atom Feed

New Set-Up Sucks

Request: Allow fixed-width sections

Into the Unknown double reporting doesn't work

Fixing flagging errors?

Suggestion: PRD Monster types should include checkbox for "untyped"


Less functional avatar choice menu?

Downloads Disorganized

Option to exclude Play by Post from search results?

PRD Update?

Not sure what I did wrong, but I cannot get product reviews to show up by default.

No Store Blog

What is going on with my account?

What happened to the "[bigger]" function?

Links on Adventure Path page do not work

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game "Resources and Free Downloads" link broken

Broken links thread

Link Not Working

Issues downloading digital content

Accessing forums on mobile devices

Suggestion: warning message on replies to old threads

"Website Feedback Adventure: Fix the Website, Save the Girl" (a new adventure idea)

Latest spam, more subtle than before

War for the Crown Player's Guide download broken

I’m offered the ability to combine orders with my playtest preorder

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide has wrong date

Accessing Forums from web page

No more blog tags

FAQ Search does not seem to be working

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