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Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

Paizo Golem Logo is HUGE

Chrome for Android: Some forum pages not sizing correctly

Any way to escape clause brackets to post instructions on how to format things?

Feature Request: PFC Checker For the OP Player Tab...

Paizo Blog: Common Ground

Event reporting broken?

Can’t download #4 of War for the Crown

Github for the Forums?

Fantasy Grounds Auth Token

Why is the Events forum hidden in the Organized Play forums?

Cannot find anything

Gameplay thread posts not posting.

Rename thread, if you would.

Reporting 9-22 Grotto of the Deluged God

Newsfeeds Are Broken?

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Character Sheets

Concordance Icon

Missing Organized Play Session Reporting Thread

[suggestion] Remove 'Our Price' on Stuff That Won't be Restocked

[PFS] Ghol-Gan Heresy

Product Discussion Threads "cropping" the first few posts

Reviews Widget

Bad links on Pathfinder RPG page

Missing chronicle download link for Hell's Rebels

Signing in signed me out

Getting SFS #1-99 into the database

Can't find session sheets for PFS

Sticky? Not So Much

I'm unable to change my e-mail address.

Duplicate posts

Getting 404 Errors Trying to Download Files

Underline bbcode doesn't work on mobile?

Page loading continues for 30s, when your piwik script timeouts


FAWTL bugged

Error message trying to flag

I broke my privacy settings.

Can't look at reviews!

Weird account problem.

My account has disappeared

Product Page Download Tab Broken

Download personalizations stuck

Unable to create review

Strangeness on the Events Page

Searching a forum doesn't turn up a thread that uses the search terms

Verify new email link problems

Paizo Blog: Free RPG Day and the Big Purple Golem

Do you Think the new Paizo webpage layout “gets in the way” of browsing / using the site?

How do I challenge my player's super paladin?

My account no longer exists?

One more for the buglist: "Mark All as Downloaded" doesn't mark anything as downloaded

Paizo site a nightmare to navigate with a ton of circular links.

Organized play character profile data consistency

Bigger is actually smaller...

Unread Message links not updating correctly

Starfinder Society Session Reporting Needs Serious Attention

Starfinder FAQ: Pulse Caster Rifle Clarifications needed!

Firefox: safe connection failed

A Request for Starfinder Avatars


Two Gameplay Threads Broken by Me

Assorted errors

(Q3 2018) Cannot schedule events for SFS / PFS because they are not available

Changing Character From Pathfinder to Starfinder

Gameplay Thread Posts Not Posting

Changig Character From Classic to Core

PACG Paizo blog post not displaying in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Forum

Hello! I can't seem to post on the gameplay thread...

PM Address Book Borked (not critical)

Credit card technical glitch

Can't dismiss cookies message

Request for new link in the Store dropdown.

Bad product schedule link on My Subscriptions page

PFS event website not loading

Golem in Footer is Oversized

Gripe about the store checkout page

Create New Post breadcrumb is set to last visited page

Adding a [Locked] tag to thread titles when they are locked.

Add Payment Method dialog stuck in tiny window

Possible Website Hacking

Cannot launch discussions from PaizoCon events

"Listing" A Thread

'How to format your text' Spoiler Box not showing

Novas in User description

Bug in events calendar

Embedding Paizo forums onto a webpage with iFrame?

‘How to format your text’ link doesn’t seem to be working.

Pathfinder Adventure Path forum topic list not displayed

Suggestion : Highligth staff posts

No way to buy PFRPG hardcovers?

How to [s]not[ / s] format your text

"Where to buy" and "Your Local Game Store" Pages Not Working

Problems need addressing on Website Feedback forum

Incorrect links....

Removing old profile alias

Reply Reform

Order 5013455 - Shipped without notification

Having problems with War for the Crown 4.....

War For the Crown pdfs.

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