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Missing Organized Play Session Reporting Thread

Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

Less functional avatar choice menu?

New Layout

Is the new layout just not meant to work with Android?

Release Schedule link

My Subscriptions

Unable to View Event Sessions

Can we make Private Messages visible again throughout the site, please?

Pact Worlds not in my downloads

New Boards

Paizo Blog missing again

Pages failing to load

Missing and double downloads

intermittent error when trying to save alias changes

Ongoing PDF download issue

'How to format your text' Spoiler Box not showing

Missing PDFs from My downloads

Thanks Paizo!

Adventure Finder link not working

Few suggestions / problems with the layout

New Forum Welcome Messages

Interactive map of AP #128: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur missing pages

Why! Why did you do this?!

My PDF downloads

Please fix boldface visibility - Online play depends on it

Flagged for Needed Spoiler not acted upon

"Listing" A Thread

Things not meant for human eyes (bug / glitch report)

Can't access my downloads

Minor Tweak to the Forum that could possibly save some people some headache

We are under attack!

Forum Sign In link not working from Android Phone

How to format your text spoiler fails

Maximum reportable fame is too low for SFS

Nova Tofu on forums

New the website

Can’t access Adventure Paths - links broken

Any Updates Coming to Pathfinder PRD?

PDF questions

Just an FYI

Broken Link in Organized Play

Missing PDFs

The search function seems broken?

No Avatars

General Discussion threads under attack

Paizo Blog: First Look at the Pathfinder Playtest

Cannot start a discussion for a new product

Blog: The Storm Has a Name!

List of Adventure Path(es)

It's growing on me

Shipping Address

Avatar selection suggestion

Website bug: Accessing Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Adventures

I just noticed an awesome feature

The Concordance of Elements is not yet a selectable Pathfinder Roleplaying Guild Faction

Where is the FAQ?

Liking the new site

Bug Report: Purchasing Gift Certificates

Starfinder Messageboard Avatars?

this new look VS a lizard on a rock

Problem searching for miniatures

Suggestion for the Spoiler feature

Starfinder FAQ Link not working

I can’t buy things. Why can’t I buy things?

Topics Not Showing When Signed In

new website bugs

Nice work, but ... ow, my eyes. Also, invisilinks.

site changes

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide has wrong date

Requesting a slight change to the font color

Glitches in Pathfinder menu

Thumbs up for unicode emoji support!

Organization of the My Account menu

Can't get to the forums on Android

Message Boards completely borked

New look critiques

Help with new layout

Can't find modules

Issue fixed, thanks :D

So sloooooooooooooow

Odd resizing of menus based upon browser window width

Site Feedback

Something changed about Jan 20 on sign-in

Still cant download

why is everything so messed up now?

Notes on shopping cart

Blank Character Sessions page

Pathfinder Society link not working?

Paizo pre-orders wipe out 3pp PDFs in shopping cart

Private Page Notes: Website Enhancement Request

Missing maps from my downloads?!

Deleted Posts Visible Via Campaigns Players Tab

Cannot Remove Starfinder AP #2

My posts occassionally show as 'new'

"You have backtracked too far"

Sooooo Slooooow

A Request for Starfinder Avatars

Missing GM Sessions after completing

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