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About our recent downtime... and a 10% discount for you!

Playtest Downloads Not Functioning

OOC text shows up as black in an Alias

Character page is now missing Sessions

Feature Request: ability to send reminders to PbP players

Favorite'd by others is broken.

Avatar selection page appears to be broken again

Preordering process for non-Paizo products

Paizo Blog: September 2018 Starfinder Society Releases

Can a character be changed to Core in the system?

Possible improvements to product reviews

[ooc] doesn't manifest when used in character profiles

Recursive login pages in store

New Posts Take a While to Pop to Top of Thread

The List and * tags are not functioning properly.

Will the PRD links be fixed?

Paizo Blog: Kingmaker--Assembling the Perfect Party

Visible Screen Width, cause unknown still?

Archives of Nethys Subforum

Incorrect Hyperlinks from Product Reviews into Product Discussion (PFS #7-01)

Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

Missing product on Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription page

Wishlist Disappeared

Replying to messages

Online Rules Links Not Working Properly

Reporting Playtest Scenario #1 - The Rose Street Revenge: Puddles

Digital Content

Will there be a subforum for Pathfinder: Kingmaker?

Forums get Centered when Editing

List tag does not work correctly.

Problems With Downloading (Read Here First)

Second Seekers - Jadnura not currently reportable

not getting email notification of updates to playtest download

Forum account "gone" along with posts from last 30 days?

Post not displaying properly / can't make more posts in thread

Cannot access event I am a reporter on

Bottom of the page banner obscuring part of pages

Order 5365331

Missing Organized Play Session Reporting Thread

Bad links accessing scenario reviews

New Font...

Purchase of Way Of Wicked Book 1 pdf not working

Unable to download Empire of Bones

Order 5364167 filled with bad downloads

Organized play "sessions" tab

My posts occassionally show as 'new'

Coordinator page continuously refreshes

Odd behavior on Campaigns page

Downloads from playtest page and my digital content are not downloading

Multiple threads for latest Paizo blog

Where Is Account LoginNow?

Its alive!

New Players Unable to Post in Gameplay Theead

Website Update 7 / 31 / 2018

I see no threads

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 1

I found a weird clone of Paizo's site?

Welcome Back!

Dear Paizo, I love you but I wish your website was a bit more stable…

PFS Event Coordinator Tab Blank

VA status not showing up in my posts

Favorited by others bug

Thanks tech team!

Issues accessing Digital Content

Order 5351385, one pdf is not readable

Search Results format

Issue reporting session 70 for event 155317 (2018-08-15 Edition)

Feature Request: PFC Checker For the OP Player Tab...

Shopping cart inaccessible

Weirdness with Reply to Post

Add "Baiting" to flagging reasons

Collapsed items in digital content unable to open

Handling of the Playtest

Iconics avatar for adventure card game play by post

100 PFS games reported last night, still showing as 3 stars not 4

Against the Aeon Throne sanctioning documents

Please add Starfinder Logo to Starfinder forum section

Please create Against the Aeon Throne subforum and sticky threads

Paizo Organized Play Character Session

Adventure Card Guild page and the Season 5 page

Shopping cart display glitch

Missing graphics

Filtering of Downloads page not working

Time to add "Return of the Runelords" Topic

On 4k site has huge margin

Playtest survey link does not appear on Mobile page

Most downloads no longer work

Please notify users of their deleted posts

rules thread semi-vanished

PFS session database

Table credit, GM Stars, and Novas all disappeared

Add new thread gone

Problem with viewing Forums

Playtest Points and Reporting Error

Missing Downloads

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild #5–1

Unable to open PDF

Please bring back message notifaction to the site header

Order 5208279 PSACG #5-1

Why is the Events forum hidden in the Organized Play forums?

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