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Paizo at Pax Unplugged!!!!!!

Community use and a podcast

Total Freedom in an Immersive (3D) Adventure

I played Pathfinder for my first time, was told to sign up here etc.

Dungeons & Dragons – Stranger Things Style - Check out this Dungeons & Dragons character binder from 1981!

Why is shipping so high?

Paizo's Super Team for Extra Life!

Paizo Blog: 25 Hour Paizo Live-Stream Starts November 4th!

Why did Wes and James really leave?

What's up with the boards?

Question on the Oracle Invisibility feat

Wayward Pathfinder in Buffalo, NY

Product idea: Paizo Playlists

Any chance of a Pathfinder Battles—Builder Series: (Kobolds)?

Open Letter From Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens


Community Use Package: Starfinder

Railroads aren't always bad, are they?

Standardizing Spell Ranges

Standardizing Spell Ranges

How things have changed

Streaming Roll20 via Twitch - Tokens?

Humble bundle and Fantasy grounds

Monk / Fighter / Brawler Build: what am I doing wrong?

Monsters in the Party

Cloudburst for Armor and Shields

Mixing magic items together

How much flesh warping is it going to take to make a Balor Demon look rabbit-ish?

PFS pregen and hero lab

Mostly Human Elemental trait

Polymorph Question

Paizo Blog: Sorting Through the Ruins

Pathfinder Battles Mini's subscription

Item description interpretation: Wary Ring

Ultimate Campaign Background Sheet?!?

Extra-dimensional Space / Beings

Role playing a character with a wisdom of 8?

Pathfinder Confused Mad Scientist Character Idea...

Paizo Stickers

Prayers to Lissala

Help me make a mad bomber?

How do you handle recreating maps from modules?

PFS: how to get more martyr shards?

Ranged cover from the example in the rulebook

Starfinder Core Rulebook Issues

Games of Chance in Golarion

Paizo Blog: Sutter's Send-off

Found a DnD group after years of no TTRPG....they play 5e....

Lord of Runes and RotR spoilers?

Pathfinder / Sine Requie or Chtulu crossover

What program does Paizo use to make its in-book maps?

Special items for my players

So I've noticed a growing trend

Ennies 2017

Deleting Aliases

Where do I start?

Gencon event credit?

Engineer Class?

Network Power augment on Battle Transformation Power (Psionics)

Pathfinder / Fighting Fantasy hybrids

Magic (Elemental) Damage Types

Gencon 50 - Had a great time

Wisdom Intelligence Class

Torn Between Subscriptions and Supporting my FLGS

Mystic Theurge with a twist...

What are the best Map Making Computer Tools for someone who doesn't know computers

Healing arrows?

Blog: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Paizo News fron Gencon?

Pathfinder Map Pack: Cavernous Lairs PDF

Paizo Blog: To Indy, And Beyond!

How much can a drunken master monk drink without worrying about addiction

What's a franchise manager do?

sculpt corpse as a substitute for alter self for undead?

Recruiting GMs for Gaming community

How does Paizo product subscription help to support local gaming stores?

What would happen if a modern day earth nation is thrown on Golarion?

PFS scenarios

So Is Open Call still a thing?

pawn product suggestion: mounts and riders

Feedback for the yaddithian

Paizo Gencon 50 Boon Auctions ?

Baalzebul vs. Mephistopheles

Paizo Blog: Stay Alert, Holy Plasma Cannons Ahead!

Pathfinder Superscriber

I need a little Help with kukri of life drinking.

Curious about a few of the Race Building rules

How does Mask of a Thousand Tomes

Blog: Cinderella Story, Outta Nowhere!

Evil Witch in Way of The Wicked

Most Broken Gestalt Build


Ironfang invasion question. No spoilers please.

A mounted group?

Big Purple Golem - For the second time ever, I'm seriously disappointed in you.

Making a new character

how would you get ragathiel to fall?

Paizo Blog: Go for the Moon!

Hero lab and pathfinder

Ok, just hear me out

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