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Monetization of YouTube videos featuring content that is otherwise compliant with the Community Use Policy

[Archives of Nethys] Distant Realms and Planar Adventures, plus more hyperlinks!

Overhaul Mod for EU4 and the Community Use Policy

[Community Project] Wayfinder #19 Call for Submissions

[Archives of Nethys] Pathfinder #118-120, Blood of the Ancients, Nidel - Land of Shadows, and a new Rules section

Now For Something "Completely Different".....


[Community Project] Wayfinder #18 Call for Submissions

PACG Community Projects

Archives of Nethys update April 2018

[Archives of Nethys] Book of the Damned, Disciple's Doctrine, People of the Wastes, Potions & Poisons, and Pathfinder #117

[Archive of Nethys - Starfinder] Core Rulebook complete, new sections added

FAQ Answers and OGL

Creating Custom Sets of monster "tokens"

Share your Wayfinder experience!

Pathfinder Bestiary Database

Missing Community Use Products

Free RPG Day under Community Use

[Absalom Station Infosphere] Now online.

Starfinder Spell Database, specifically built for parsing

Question on Blade Shifer / Fighter Archetype--

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

Introducing: The Pathfinder Spell Card Generator from

[Archives of Nethys - Starfinder] Equipment!

Pathfinder Compatibility Questions

Newb questions!

Starfinder name generator

Strange Aeons-themed Sanity, Madness, and Fear Tracker Character Sheet

World Anvil : A very exciting world building resource

[Archives of Nethys] Starfinder!

Making a "Cheliax" set of modules for: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

Questions about License Use, Archetypes, Blogs, and Patreon

Requesting feedback: PF spell card design project

Metric Conversion Guide

Anyone have an update on Archives of Nethys?

[Archives of Nethys] January Update - Pathfinder #114-116, Taldor the First Empire, Blood of the Coven, the Antihero's Handbook, and part 1 of Ultimate Wilderness

Kinetecist Spreadsheet

Streaming Policy?

Community Use Approved Product List (does licence apply to images in PDFs)

Mad Martin's Book of Many Tales

Golarion GIS data downloads

Pathfinder Languages / Deities / Races List

Harrowings made less harrowing: tools to simplify and speed up Harrowings in your game

Gestalt Excel Sheet.

[Archives of Nethys] September Update - Horror Realms, Inner Sea Temples, Planes of Power, and more!

Archive of Nethys down- HTTP Error 401.2

I make videos on occasion explaining spells, this is the most; recent I wanted to share.

Starfinder and Starfinder Society

Seeking out someone to volunteer to edit my work, in exchange for editing their work.

Offensive ad on d20pfsrd

Golarion Solar Ephemeris: Get sunrise / sunset times for your games

[Archives of Nethys] August 2017 - Pathfinder #110-113, Blood of the Sea, Villain Codex

Item Generator for Settlements

[Archives of Nethys] Bug fixes and a new section - The Master Summon List

[Archives of Nethys] July 2017 - Pathfinder #109, Adventurer's Armory 2, Adventurer's Guide, and more!

Pushing the Limits of Community Use?

[Archives of Nethys] May Update

[PathfinderWiki] Performance issues & upcoming maintenance

[Community Project] Wayfinder #17 Call for Submissions

Modules and this forum

Wayfinder #18 Announcement

[Archives of Nethys] April Mega-Update

Printable PRD

Huh... any news about Nethys and his Archives?

Yet another Character sheet (.xlsx ; Excel)

Converting and publishing monsters from pathfinder to other systems.

PathfinderWiki reaches 13,000 articles

Help with high level campaign creation

[Community Project] Wayfinder #16 Call for Submissions

Pathfinder Gaming System additions for Herolab.

Community Use package and Monochromatic Items

Pathfinder Stickers for personal use

[Community Project] Wayfinder #15 Call for Submissions

Downtime - Organization tracker

Can you print from the PRD? How?

Who wants to help create an Android app for Pathfinder?

platinumCheesecake's Custom Settlement Magic Item Rules: Making outfitting a character not a chore

Creating 1"=5' Scaled Battle Maps

Fan-Art Artwork Legal questions

GIS of the Inner Sea

Boilerplate character creator

PF API Database

Blog: A River Runs Through It!

Elluvia's Pit (Tribute)

Pricing for wood / lumber for crafting?

Smart Goblin Community Kids' Track Coloring Book #2

A tribute to my players

Pathfinder Iconics backstory readings

Etching Glassware for Charity Auction / Raffle

Krazy Kravis's discount baubles.

Blogging Supported by Patreon?

Questions about Creating a Pathfinder Website (Fan Site / Tool)

Question About Community Use Policy and Wayfinder

Pathfinder Element Usage in Fanfiction Question

[Archives of Nethys] Color Scheme

Cosplay Holy Symbols

[Archives of Nethys] Pathfinder #99-102, 5 other books, site updates

Ailson Kindler Book Covers

[Community Project] Wayfinder #14 Call for Submissions

Amazon Blog Subscriptions

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