Pathfinder Society Playtest

Factions & Fame

First Edition Replay when Second Edition Launches


GM Stars

Tiers & Level Gain

PFS-Chronicle Sheets

First Edition Boons in Second Edition Pathfinder Society

Structure of the Roleplaying Guild Guide

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society 3: Organized Playtest

Pathfinder Society 2 and the new Common Ground Framework

Will the organized play for PF2 be designed around 20 levels?

Anyone else having trouble finding the Playtest Demo Product Page?!

Healing & Balance in PFS2

Adventure Path 2E Chronicle Sheets

A suggestion for Multi-player Special events...

Origins 2018 Pathfinder Playtests?

Offering Playtest Scenarios

Do we need slow track?

Why let the fun end?

Concern about Shield Block

Suggestions for 2E

Home / Store / Online Play PFS Playtest Scenarios

GM Credit Conversion (SFS to PF2S)

One rulebook?

Rule changes for 1E to allow more play options

Inventory Tracking Sheet in Playtest (and then PFS2e)?

PFS Sugguestion: Move Away from the 3xp per level system

Some thoughts on Skill Check Challanges - Traps...

Playtest scenarios replayable?

Request: Unlimited 1e replay

2.0 and table count for con support

PFS missing events at Origins 2018?

Masterwork tools for Skills in 2e?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society 2: Replay, Rewards, and Rebuilds

Initial stat buy

Doomsday Dawn in PFS play?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society 2, Expanding on the FAQ

Buy race boons with Prestige Points

RP: The Line for Goblin Registration Starts Here!

GM Boons

Are we going to have to start over earning DM stars in the 2.0 campaign?

Can we get healthy goblin dogs to go with our goblin PCs?

Monster Tracking

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Characters able to play PFS 1st Edition Scenarios for Credit

Campaign Design Parameter Request

Gold rewards per character level rather than adventure level

"Throwing" now in PFS?

Lawful Evil for PFS 2.0

Evergreen Scenario / Mod introducing Goblins

Speaking of things that are dying...

Justification for massive wave of recruits?

Please Keep PCs

Will there be 2E Core?

1st Edition Boons

Building PFS 2.0 Logistics Around Quests


Physical Playtest Products

RSP and 2E

Season 10, the last hurrah request


Character registration question

OOP Org Play organization for 2E?

Villian's Racial Equality Program

New 1e Characters in the 2e Era

Will expanded narative continue to expand post season 10?

Replay for Society

Playtest: News for Org Play?

A humble request...

Why a new system (2.0) is being created?

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