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Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild

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Additional Resources Updates

Game Finder Map

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Welcome to Pathfinder Society Boon

Compilation of Campaign Clarification requests

Commonly Asked Core Campaign Questions - Look Here First!

Expanded Inventory Sheet

Guidelines for Rule Changes

Resolution: North Carolina & Eshleman Complaints info

What to do when my PFS leadership seems... disinterested?

Battlefield Control With a Reach weapon (PFS Battle Herald)

Are Large Firearms PFS legal?

Worth building a character around an Owlbear companion?

Reporting Sheets: How long should I store them?

Is PFS growing or shrinking in the Southeastern US? What about in other areas?

Bones Oracle and Life Channel

how not to value your volunteers

Boon Trading Thread

Paizo Blog: Mid-Season Faction Updates

Our PFS sessiontracker

Wand of Fabricate Bullets...and Quick Cash...

Paizo Blog: Leaders in Liberty 2

Free RPG Day 2018

♫ A Spoonful of Sugar ♫

Reporting Errors from PaizoCon

reporting a Session wont recognize it as a core game

Chronicling Salvation of the Sages [Spoilers]

Season 10 Bucket List

Merfolk Character Options

Has anyone used the Pathfinder's reputation to intimidate NPCs at a game?

About Combat vs. Skills...

Equipment Question - Bracelet of Friends

Oath of the People's Council? Any news?

"Bat Shape" and "Fox Shape" duration

Question avout purchasing items in PFS.

Feast of Dust (Sanctioned Content v Chronicles discrepancy)

Which 16 Iconic Minis to Take?

Pre and Post GenCon 2018 events

Kitsune and disguise?

Feats Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Pathfinder Unchained are legal?

Paizo Blog: June Stars, Volunteers, Conventions & More!

Who is Michael Eshleman? Why should you care?

Petition to Allow More Online Conventions

Who should I talk to about getting 4 star scenarios?

Why is Way of the Shooting star banned?

Master Librarian - help me pick some free alchemical and magic items!

Additional Resources Update: Songbirds and Snowballs

Funniest PFS moments?

What do GM Stars signify to you?

Glyph of the Open Road dice

Agathiel Ape wielding a sword

Burning Question #1 - Colson Maldris

Chronicling The Lion's Justice [Spoilers]

Deleting Threads Is Not Community Management

Selling free items bought with PP

Is there any way to buy a nonmagical rat in PFS

Request to make the Smiting Reversal feat legal for PFS

2018 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery with Pathfinder Playtest

You know you're in trouble when you get to the table and...

Character number skipping? Website bug or some other reason?

Paizo Blog: A Call to Vol II--Gen Con 2018!

Question about a boon

Item Purchase Time Limits?

Unchained Rogue: Where one gets the finalized PFS talents?

Table requirements for older specials

Rule changes for 1E to allow more play options

High level PFS play - suggestions and experiences

Sanctioned APs, when are they coming?

Burning Question #2 - The Decemvirate

Stingray in the Box: Can be done in PFS??

Boon Clarification

Call for the GenCon 2018 Coloring Book.

Multi-barrel firearm reload

A Fish Rots from the Head

Reinstate Michael Eshleman

Paizo Blog: Origins and Gen Con Convention Offerings!

Nothing but unappealing factions


Amateur Gunslinger

Concordance Faction Pins?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Sanctioning: Strange Aeons

Potions, Scrolls and Wands in PFS

Hybridization Funnel in PFS play...

Ectoplasmatist's Lash feat questions

GenCon 2018 - Missing Saturday Evening Events?

Faction Pin Addition!

Paizocon Blues (Pathfinder Society Not Helping with Next Gen)

Special Scenarios and GM Stars vs. Venture Status

Paizo Blog: Solstice Scar Update

Unusual equipment upgrade question

Knockout Queen Rogue Talent

Paizo Blog: Year of the Shadow Lodge

Invisibility, Acrobatics, and AOO

What other things count as substitutes for Improved Unarmed Strike?

Are Black Markets traits intended to be banned?

Flying Mounts

PFS UK GM Monthly Briefing

Why all the hate of Janira Gavix?

10 questions that'll make your PFS roleplaying blossom.

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