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‘Cause Horses need shoes and saddles!

{PFS} Level 11 grapple build for critique

_______ of natural armor?

[UE] Sipping Jacket

[UE] Brcers of the Avenging Knight vs. Silver Smite Bracelet

[Spokane Valley, WA] 48+ hours of straight PFS

[Spoiler] Seeking information on...

[Spoiler] Nice items to claim as reward for Sewer Dragons of Absolom scenario

[Spoiler] Eyes of the Ten Boon

[Spoilers] What exactly is the Hao Jin Tapestry?

[SPOILERS] The Waking Rune: A Players perspective

[Spoilers] The Season 7 Railroad

[Spoilers] The Sanos Abduction: Character Rebuild?

[spoilers] Shadow Lodge subplot scenario plan

[Spoilers] Scenarios with Aram Zey

[Spoilers] Preparing a character for a certain item

[Spoilers] PFS and Time Travel

[Spoilers] Need to find modules / adventures / scenarios related to Sage Jewels

[Spoilers] List of scenario unlocks, specifically for firearms.

[Spoilers] Intelligent Items & Artifacts

[Spoilers] Good low-level PFS adventures with no undead

[Spoilers] A question about The Waking Rune

[Spoilers] Vanities and Pathfinder society characters

[Smart Goblin PFS] Iconic Poster 2016

Winter Witch Archetype

How many charges does a Flint and Steel / Pack of Tindertwigs have?

Catch Off-Guard and Polearms in PFS

[Rules Question / Propositon] Cooked Food Healing HP

[Roll20 / G+] #3-25 Storming the Diamond Gate (3-7): Dec 13 2013 @ 1pm EST

[Roleplaying Question] Why would a paladin join the Pathfinder Society?

[request] Expand Bottled Ooze Discovery

[Rant] Stupid player questions

[Proposal] Regional Exclusive Scenarios

[Proposal] "Unique" Items on Chronicles - Unique, or just Wrong?

[POLL] Replay Redux

[Policy Proposal] Sanction some APs as "campaign mode only"

[Policy Proposal] Organizer Recognition System

[policy proposal] Old modules in home game mode

[Policy Proposal] Increase the star cap

[policy proposal] Goose / Gander: Digital chronicles okay online; how about in person?

[Player Poll] Faction Missions, old or new style?

[PFS|RP|Thought Experiment] Advice on leveling?

[PFS|Charbuilding|Advice]Suli, mon!

[PFS][Advice]Please Help a Dumb Barbarian!

[PFS]When is it...


[PFS]Resonant Powers...

[PFS]Post 2000 -- How Do We Make RP Grow at PFS Tables?

[PFS]Looking Ahead...

[PFS]Half-Price Sale -- Which are sanctioned for Society Play?

[PFS] Would this count?

[PFS] Wisdom in the Flesh and ACP

[PFS] Winter Witch Familiar question

[PFS] Wild armor doesn't even seem as good as Mage Armor, now. Thoughts?

[PFS] Who benefits most from Expedition Manager?

[PFS] What do I need to own to have Wadjet as a god?

[PFS] Ways to Gain Familiar

[PFS] Want to make sure I will not hurt the team.

[PFS] Vow of Poverty monk: what's your one item?

[PFS] Underground Chemist and Far Strike Monk Question

[PFS] Unchained Arcane Trixter

[PFS] two-handed rule and character help

[PFS] Two questions

[PFS] Two peg legs?

[PFS] Too many skills, not enough points

[PFS] Timetable to add additional iconics to Pregenerated Characters?

[PFS] Thought Experiment: Tengu Paladin

[PFS] Survivability of Fullcasters at level 1? Or is it impossible to make your first PFS character a fullcaster without getting some GM or pre-gen credit first?

[PFS] Storm Kindler

[PFS] Spellcraft on allies: PVP or RP?

[PFS] Spellbooks for non-wizards

[PFS] Spellbooks for non-wizards

[PFS] Sable Company / Sky Stalker

[PFS] Ruling about Blanches / Balms and ammo

[PFS] Rules question with an Eidolon

[PFS] Request for consideration...

[PFS] recent Ultimate Equipment Errata

[PFS] Question about Companion Figurine Feat

[PFS] Pearly White Spindle Ioun Stone and Death

[PFS] Paladin looking for +AC legal items in PFS

[PFS] Oracle Retraining - Archetype, Mystery, Revelation

[PFS] Need some advice about combat character

[PFS] Need help buying equipment

[PFS] Naturally blind character question

[PFS] My first character: monk / barbarian

[PFS] Multiple sessions questions.

[PFS] Multiple arms and two weapon fighting

[PFS] Menhir Savants and their Spirit Sense.

[PFS] me pyro! me shoot fire!

[PFS] Making many forms good

[PFS] Looking for answers about Magic Jar / Possession

[PFS] Legal to use Telepresense robots?

[PFS] Legal to use Telepresense robots?

[PFS] kitsune multiclass help with combat, feat selection

[PFS] Items that can save you in 2018

[PFS] Is a neutral cleric choosing `Channel Negative Energy` legal?

[PFS] Input on my new slayer please!

[PFS] Ifrit build?

[PFS] How to get pack flanking without 13 int

[PFS] How much will it cost to retrain from core rogue to unchained rogue.

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