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Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild

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Compilation of Campaign Clarification requests

Additional Resources Updates

Welcome to Pathfinder Society Boon

Game Finder Map

Commonly Asked Core Campaign Questions - Look Here First!

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Expanded Inventory Sheet

Guidelines for Rule Changes

Butchering axe Boon

Base speed bonuses and armor speed reduction

What are the PFS must-plays?

Season 10 Bucket List

Youth / kid games?

How to play and run online games.

SHORT introductory adventure for Pathfinder Society

Errors in new Campaign Clarifications

Remove star requirement to run retirement arcs

Additional Resources Update: Songbirds and Snowballs

Ending the Society Right

Pathfinder society starting gold

Ultimate Wilderness: Outstanding Issues

A reason to make new characters?

Boon Trading Thread

Call for the GenCon 2018 Coloring Book.

Sesame Street PFS

Ultimate Wilderness - ETA to Legal for PFS Play

Ultimate Wilderness?

Merfolk Character Options

Paizo Blog: Solstice Scar Update

Warlock / Arcane Trickster build, what do you think?

Recent Blogs...

3-7 scenario recommendation

Chronicling Salvation of the Sages [Spoilers]

Grappling question

Paizo Blog: A Call to Vol II--Gen Con 2018!

PFS Info Cheat Sheet

Tumour familiar clarification / faq request

Funniest PFS moments?

New Beginners Adventures

Expanded narrative beyond season 10 for seasons 0 through 10

Core Only - How does it change things?

Completing an AP

So, anyone else building Groetus followers for the End Times?

Frequency of Area Attacks

Yet Another Applying Credit from Pregen Playthrough Thread

GM Stars, GM Novas, and... ?

Society Items in Home Games

Pregens and Wayfinders

Season 10 - More High Tier scenarios

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Concordance Faction!

Los Angeles VC and VL

Replay After X Years

Paizo Blog: Unseasonably Warm?

Radical Idea in Sunset 1.0

Taldor Nobility

Paizo Blog: Quoth the Tengu, "Adventure More"

Reporting purchases between games

Why not the Great Old Ones?

Playtest: News for Org Play?

Level 1 rebuilding for faction change

Is owning Bestiary 1 required to cast any summon spells or have an animal companion?

So what are we doing about Dervish Dance?

mithril buckler question

[PFS] Items that can save you in 2018

Creature types by PFS scenario?

Anybody else miss Faction Talk?

Dragoon Musket

Question about rebuilt character after core campaign.

Magus Archetype Stacking

Please group this forum with other Pathfinder forums

Can't seem to find the link to the Add Rec

Conditions in the Guide 9.1

PFS UK GM Monthly Briefing

When in the Concordance of Elements becoming available?

An Argument Against the Ruling concerning Prestige bought Spellcasting Services

Guild question regarding spellcasting services


Additional Resources, Campaign Clarifications, Et Al.: Where Are They Now?

Harrower and learning spells

Informal survey of impact of Retail Incentive Program boons

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Retail Incentive Program Announced!

Rare sightings in PFS

So, the Concordance of Elements and Paladins

Evolved Familiar limitations

vampire hunter

Running a PFS Game at home

PFS-Chronicle Sheets

Factions & Fame

Structure of the Roleplaying Guild Guide


Tiers & Level Gain

Temporary Navigation Advice: Getting to the PFS Forum -- Take the Star Route!

Model Pathfinder Agent Boon Question

Adventure Path Applying Credit Questions

Chronicle Sheet Questions

Unchained Rogue and Suggested talents for Rogue Archetypes

Is it Worth Being a PFS DM?

Object possession on the Apparatus of the Mantis.


PFS Changes i'd like to see

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