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Guide to PACG Organized Play - questions thread

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild launches at Gen Con!

[PFSACG] Pre-Gens for Class Deck Characters

First wave of card game OP VLs selected

0-1F Treasure of Jemma Redclaw - How did you do?

Opinion: Do you want all four base power feats?

PACG OP Deck Rebuilding Query

Setting up a store for OP

Class Deck Multiclassing Proposal

Season of the Righteous is too easy

Treasure of Jemma Redclaw too easy?

Recruitment for #8-00 The Cosmic Captive Play-by-Post!

Season of the Runelords (SotRu) Schedule Discussion

Ghosts of the Deep - How did everyone do?

Preferred table size for organized play = 4. Why?

PACG Play in Bellevue, WA! (Also Free RPG Day event!)

Necessity of Pathfinder Card Game Society Recorded Sessions?

Scenario Tracking Sheets for PSACG?

Inaugural Season of the Runelords

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Guide Version 2.0 Available

0-3D Going Under

Monk Class Deck characters and deck lists

Defining a "replay" in Organized Play

Diminishing Returns on Random Rewards

Character Unlocks for PACG OP

0-2D: Who Rules Hell Harbor? - Anyone else having difficulties?

Question about Preparing the Game Box for PFSACG

When will Season of the Runelords adventure 1 be available?

PACG - Building new characters and deck upgrade questions.

Salvage Operations: Reward Question

Draw rewards are random

Paizo Blog: 'Tis the Season of Plundered Tombs

Paizo Blog: Announcing the Season of the Righteous

Pathfinder Society Card Game Question: Building with multiple class decks

The Lone Shark - How did you do?

Tiers, and the Lem Example

2-1B, 2-1C, 2-1D - How did you do?

Usefulness of Raise Dead in OP?

Massive concerns.

Card Guild Guide v5 changes

Season of the Righteous Complete Set

Feedback from a PFSACG group.

SotRu Adventure 2-3

A few volunteers still needed for Origins

Paizo Blog: Season of the Shackles Updates

**Official** Gen Con 50 Feedback Thread

ACG Shirt Rerolls

Solo 2-2B: Very difficult

Will there be PSACG play at PAX East?

Who Plays OP?

Strategy for 0-6F solo

1-1D: Crusaders Assemble!

Shirt rerolls?

Season of Plundered Tombs Schedule

From Fun to Frustration in One Card - Demonic Horde

2-1D Cut Them Off - Movement Restriction Question

Season of the Runelords

Card List for Season of the Shackles at DriveThruCard / DriveThruRPG

2-1A Goblins? Gross! - How did you do?

0-4A reward: Vailea Question

Runewell's Echo

2-4E A Shadow Of Wrath

0-2A Love's Labours Lost - How did you do?

Paizo Blog: December Adventure Card Guild Updates

Paizo Blog: S(More) Story of the Season of the Shackles

Save Against Fear, October 14-16, 2016

Play Mats and Card Guild

1-1A and 1-1B. How did you do?

HawkCon '15 or Can A.I. Really Create Synthetic People?

Playing Organized At Gencon

1-4B With A Bit of a Mind Flip

PACG for the special at Gencon

Tiers beyond 6

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Guide v3.0

1-1D No place to hide

What trends do you see in OP convention play?

Paizo Blog: Dispatches from the Front: Adventure Card Guild in the Wild

Looking for advice on limitation of growing Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild

Season Decks Usage Question

HawkCon VII: Labors of Wrath

new class deck character sheets

1-5B: The Tower That Would Not Die - Scenario Rules???

Starting PACG locally from scratch

PACG play in Metro Boston

Role Cards and WotR Season

New ACG Starting up - Whats your one tip for me?

Paizo Blog: News Flash! Adventure Card Guild Gets Retail Incentive Program!

Season 3 Traders

HawkCon VI: Month of the Goblin

HawkCon V: Hopelessly Hawkless (now surprisingly Hawkful)

1-P questions and strategy

Season of The Righteous reward?

0-6A: Get A Clue (Question)

Zadim Unlocked...

Adventure 3

5B: The Play's The Thing Reward Question

Season of the Righteous 1-0A: Demonic Politics

From: Flenta To: PACG-OP Team

Playing Pre-Gens at Conventions (MagFest 2017)


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