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[PFSACG] Pre-Gens for Class Deck Characters


Organised Play Questions regarding #4-P1 and #4-P2 Scenario Rewards

The Abyssal / Outsider trait: WotR versus Season of the Righteous

PFSACG 3-6A (A Sage Besieged) is just killing us

Rules Question for OP - "Switching" Ultimate Add-On Decks

Share Your Stories From Outpost I (2018)

Reporting Ultimate Characters

Season of the Goblins 2

Goblin Newby Questions

Paizo Blog: Making the Most of Character Unlocks

HawkCon April 2018: How to Really Handle a Siege Deck

Funny PACG moments

PACG at GenCon

New GM & trouble reporting events


Class Deck Loot cards in Organised Play (OA1 Honaire)

Class Deck Character sheets update?

fortification vs coup de grace

Elusive knowledge

Paizo Blog: 'Tis the Season of Plundered Tombs

"Campaign Mode" for PACG Org Play?

Season of the Goblins Class Deck Additions

Necessity of Pathfinder Card Game Society Recorded Sessions?

OA2 Mavaro in PFSACG: how does deckbuilding work?

Why we stopped OP (De-hijacked thread from Class Deck discussion)

Card Guild Guide v5: Ultimate decks

Card Guild Guide v5: Class-appropriate

Paizo Blog: Season of the Shackles: The Halfwayish Point

PACG players in Central Mass?

PACG in West Suburbs of Chicago

Can't report 4-P2 or any of 4-3

Trader Tracker card for Org Play characters

4-4 Relic in the Wastes

4-3B Clarifications

Card Guild Guide v5: MM Estra and Honaire in the OA1 class deck

Ever wanted to play PACG over play-by-post? Check out OutPost!

Card Guild Guide v5 changes

Adventure 2B-1: We Be Goblins! Reward query

Can't report #3-P

MAGFest 2018! Jan 4-7 @ National Harbor, MD

Regarding "Preparing the Game Box"

Pathfinder Tales character decks- Legal?

SotRu Adventure 2-3

Hawkcon December 2017

List of Adventure Card Game Play-by-post games

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild question

Season 1 Rewards

Why are all the chronicle sheets tied to a season / adventure?

Shuffling a traded card into a location

3-P, complete!

Villains in FF


PSACG 2-1 Play by Post

Reporting Change

New exciting stuff!

3-6A Shrine of the Infinite Void

Reward for 4-2

Why is Season 0 so hard?

Minor Grumble about Season of Plundered Tombs Adventure 5

Starting OP

PACG Edmonton - Season of Factions' Favour - Mummy's Mask Demo Day

Season 3 Aspis Influence Boon for PFS Question

On banishing cards from Class Deck

3-3C: To the highest bidder! rules query

APG Society Ramexes and Salim Advice

SotR Reward for 1-6D Apocalypse Worldwound question

Murder in the Marketplace

Save Against Fear 2017 (Oct 14th)

Season of the Righteous, 1-P Dread Lord Rising and Canyon

Season of the Righteous - Post your Tier 7 characters here

Unsure of how many deck upgrades

Q: 3-6A Mnesoset Ability Timing

Blank Character Sessions page

So, do we have word on a new season?

PAX Unplugged 2017, this year's interactive special?

Registering Ahmotep as a Guild character

Hawkcon XII or is it XIII? I think I've lost track somewhere.

**Official** Gen Con 50 Feedback Thread

Corrections for Season of Plundered Tombs

3-P victory condition

Gencon ACG thoughts and comments.

Dragonflight 2017 PFSACG play this weekend

Season Adventure Path Rewards Question

Question regarding rewards on Season of the Righteous 1-1

Question and comments on Flenta

Season of Factions' Favor ACG Events at Gen Con

PFS ACG Organized Play in the Bay Area (Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward), California - Gauging Interest

Season of Plundered Tomb adv 3-4A

Card Feats while gaining a tier

PFS Adventure Card Guild: Gen Con Open Tournament

Wrath of rightiousness- Basic core - Canyon

Wrath of rigtiousnes - Character Add on deck - missing cards

PluTo capstone scenario at GenCon?

Amusing Stories of the Plundered Tombs

Hawkcon X: The tomb raiding continues

3-4B and 3-4E reward question

Season of Righteous, 1-4A Question

2-6B: Feast of Famine (not enough Cannibal Haunts)

An easy strategy for soloing 3-6D

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