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Witcher TV series from Netflix

Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix

New Star Trek Series Premieres January 2017

His Dark Materials TV show enters production

The Flash TV Series

Wheel of Time TV series officially in development

Netflix's Castlevania anime

Joss Whedon rebooting Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Netflix's cyberpunk epic, Altered Carbon

Sean Bean heads cast for HBO's A Game of Thrones

Cloak and Dagger on Freeform (ABC Family)

Young Justice News


Marvel's Iron Fist

Clone Wars on CN

Joss Whedon joins forces with HBO for new SF show

Titans trailer

Star Wars Rebels

Stranger Things

Let's Talk About Anime

Netflix now has more viewers than Cable TV

Doctor Who - Complete Seasons

Hero Academia

Voltron (Netflix)

Venture Bros.

Westworld teaser


New Roseanne canceled

Marvel's Jessica Jones

Marvel's Legion on FX

No Reservation

Babylon 5

The Expanse - I'm already hooked!


[Trailer] Lost in Space. New Netflix show.

The Orville - New Sci Fi Comedy from Seth MacFarlane and Director John Favreau

Agents of Shield

Cobra Kai


Jon Favreau Star Wars Series

Agent Carter

Star Wars The Resistance

Smallville's Allison Mack did WHAT?!

Walking Dead TV Series - How you vex me! (spoilers)

Legends of Tomorrow

RIP Bruno Sanmartino

Black Lightning


The City and The City: a BBC mini-series based on China Mieville's novel

Shanghai tunnels under Portland, Oregon

Warner Brothers and Amazon developing a Lord of the Rings TV show

The Crossing

Pyramids of Mars

Black Panther? Meh. Black Lightning? Yawn. BLACK DYNAMITE 2 IS COMING OUT!


Jon Favreau to Produce and Write Live Action Star Wars Series

New Red Dwarf!

New Tick series

Thirteenth Doctor

Do you remember .....(old TV shows)

Amazon are making a CULTURE TV show

Looking for advice on finding a new show

A New Take on A Song of Ice and Fire


Netflix's Bright


Netflix’s Altered Carbon

Marvel's Runaways

True Detective

Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who

Star Trek Continues

Disney's Zombies, NOT!

Future Man

The Shannara Chronicles first trailer.

The NPC Presents: Top 5 Settings Needing RPGs

Batman Ninja!

Netflix The Punisher

The gifted

Marvel's The Inhumans

Bernard Quatermass

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Spooky videos for Halloween!

The NPC: Errata and FAQ - D&D Crossovers


What was this BBC children's drama around 1980?

The NPC Reviews: Xyber 9

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Monty Hall Dies

The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu)

(Netflix) American Vandal

Booby 'The Brain' Heenan RIP

Poll: Your Favorite Joss Whedon TV Series?

The Defenders

Bojack Horseman

The stream thread

Gotham by Gaslight

Dark Crystal - The Series

Richard "Oscar Goldman" Anderson Passes

Ozark - The Dark Story of Michael Bluth

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