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PCGen adding the Mammoth Rider coding questions

Does Star Wars have Artificial Intelligence?

So I downloaded PCGen. Now what?

Linking up to my PBP

Smartwatch maker Pebble to shut down... assets acquired by FitBit.

iPhone 5S Gold 16GB looking for programmer / developer

RPG Dice Roller for Android

Facebook - What's With the Big Blue Sign Up Bar???

Star Wars App

Mote Virtual Tabletop

Codename: Morningstar partners with Mike Schley and Exploding Rogue Studios

What I'm looking for in a character sheet

SumatraPDF Thumbs Up

New Skype...

What do you know about JW Player?

Win 8.0 / 1 App: Crafting Station UPDATED!

Tablet problem when typing and posting

epic character and token generator for tabletop gamers

PCGen 6.02.00 Released!

hl2mt: A Hero Lab to Maptool converter

Playsets for longdistace tabletop?

Suggestions on a good RSS Reader for iPhone

Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Tabletop Connect - Next Gen Virtual Tabletop!

PFS Scenario Tracker

Digital Tools for your RPG Campaign - Cool Article

NPC Access Database?

Pathfinder Encounter Table Program

Looking for ASP or PHP coder for Gaming Miniatures website

Filemaker Character Sheet

Paizo-like Forum Software?

Problem with fillable pdf

3-D Model Printing

Connect to MapTool server via iPad?

Windows 8 stuff for character sheet scribbling?

Realm Works is coming in JULY, But...

Throat Punch Games!

Pathfinder Google + Community

New screenshot for Venture saga!

Converting to a smaller PC game

Analysts turn negative on Windows 8 prospects

Looking for collaborator(s) -> graphics / design for iPad Pathfinder character sheet app

Looking for phone advice.

Check out the 46 apps developed by NASA for iOS & Android

Does anyone remember the Dragonbone Electronic Dice Roller from the 80's?

Help making a Andoid random encounter app

Concerning Pathfinder Stat Block Character Generators.

Seek recommendation for MP3 player for podcasts

Tag tool Stylus Mechanical pencil and or pen.

PCGen .pcg files for iconics

PbP and Battle / Location Maps


Word or other word processor Pathfinder character sheets ?

RPG Site of the Year Voting...

What Systems Would you want to See an auto combat app cover?

Free Sample Maps

PBPMap Forums

DDshare: a small software to share pictures


Suggestions: Free / Cheap PDF editing software

Beyond the Battery. Apple looks to Fuel Cells.

Galaxy Nexus Rocks

Bluetooth headset issues

Pathfinder iPad App

Dell Exits US Android Tablet Market switches to Windows 8

Pathfinder Google Sites Template

My RPG Dice calculator Window Phone 7 app

Look at all the Space Nerds (pic)

GM Utilities?

Audio at the Gaming Table

Future GUIs

Planners (How to build an evil-AI to enslave your friends)

Computational Thinking

Ideal software features for a computerized RPG gaming table.


Play by Post font "Dungeonne"

We Live in the Future

Nook Color was yes

Kindle 3 and Japanese language ebooks

e-bay help tips

Modeling Pathfinder (and other games) using agents

Digital Stalkers on Facebook

bada development

Need quick help from someone with a PC running Dundjinni

Computers Anonymous


Using Masterplan in D&D Campaign Handling

Cyberpunk Now: Human infected with computer virus

A question for Audiotechnophile geeks

$70 eReaders? Maybe...

Apple's Web Browser Safari 4 Beta

Chromecast, Roll20 and Syrinscape

Gamer Skillz Tech Topic Videos

{Web Development} HTML, CSS, JS

Might not belong here

What are the best Map Making Computer Tools for someone who doesn't know computers

Realm Works Special Update!

Worldographer / Hexographer 2 Kickstarter

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