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DiCaprio the next Joker?

Hey! I made a new podcast about D&D: Dungeon Master of None

Syrinscape Radio?

The screaming eagle of soul Charles Bradley has left the stage....


Unusual shortwave signals & numbers stations

Los Straightjackets do Linus and Lucy

[The d20s] What are all the names listed in the song?

New Album of Gamer Music composed, performed, and produced by Gamers

Music for the Table - Skull & Shackles

Roll 4 Narrative - a Narrative role playing game podcast

My first Music EP

Musical Piece from 1400 BC

R.I.P. Jimmy Bain.

need help for a song Im making

Hello from the Magic Tavern podcast - most hilarious ever

Plugging my new podcast

Happy 80th birthday, Herb Alpert

Sunless Citadel Podcast

EclipeGameLab Sound effects- WOW

this land animated music video

The Grand Theme Music Challenge!

Any Chevelle fans here?

Surround sound, and looping

After Forever

Songwriting Advice

My head just exploded--Rone Barton sez: Watch this!

Special New about RPG Music

Caprica Full Series Soundtrack

Albums like BT's Laptop Symphony or A State of Trance Year Mix 2012?

Damn it feels good to be a gamer

Decent Hobbit Parodies! (And at least one great song.)

The Enemy Within - Ravenloft Audio Book

A little modern metal reamping I did today

Paul McCartney's Kisses on the Bottom - Brilliant!

I need a better pair of ears than mine.

[Cover] Always With Me

Check out this video

Oldest Gramophone recording found in photo

Donna Summer, RIP

Podcast Reviews

Best homebrew movie / cartoon music videos on Youtube!

Rock in Rio

Black Joe Lewis

Vevo sucks

Tally Hall

Looking for mystery music

Music Video with Pathfinder RPG Game

Bulgarian Idol

Filk song about 3 sisters wanting to get married


Ewan Dobson

Inception, Hans Zimmer and Edith Piaf

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain

Diary of a Dominatrix Podcast features a lot of Paizo Talk

Human Target 3 CD set is now available

More New Rammstein

Rush - Time Machine Tour 2010

HP Lovecraft: Some Awesome Psychedelic Rock from the '60s

Doctor Steel

Check this out!

Bands As People

Further Complications by Jarvis Cocker

Ringtone Bleg Post

Evocative Soundtracks.

World of Darkness Podcast, Darker Days!

You all need to check out the Jump Button

Röyksopp – Remind Me

Radio Programme: Ursula Le Guin at 80

D&D Inspired Lyrics for "Making Me Nervous"

King of the castle...King of the castle..

Teen Idles

Rocklahoma II


Mario Bros

Where can I find this type of thing?

Dragon 355's Music list?

Podcast Help

Superman Returns soundtrack

Lian Heartn's "Otori" series

Dio, Master of the Moon

Music and Background Audio for Gaming

I Made an Album for Your Campaign

Eastern Themed Fantasy Music

Anyone make Pandora stations for their RPG nights?

The Pandora Channel I listen to most is...

Slim Whitman Answers The Indian Love Call from the Sky :(

Is Nicki Minaj a Gelfling?

gods be damned. Jeff Hanneman is now south of heaven.

RIP George Jones.

Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere as Audio Drama

Sanity Shattering Beatz!

Candy Warpop

Looking for a good commercial free music webcast / podcast

[Podcast] The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Sonos is changing the way we design home systems!

My Band's Music

Has anyone else heard of K-pop?

Breeders release new EP... any interest?

Gregorian, any other fans out there?

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