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Recruiting: Revenge in Three Parts (Eberron)

10X10 room with Orc guarding chest prospectus

Ross's SD Invite

PbP - Lilith's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Homebrew Pathfinder campaign prospectus

Ross's CotCT Invite

PbP: Kill Barge! A PFRPG Revenge Flick

Recruiting for Shackled City PbP (mostly PFRPG Beta)

Interest Check - Legacy of Fire Campaign

PFRPG Ptolus PBP game looking for peeps

Appalachee Jihad PbP game looking for players

Recruiting for Legacy of Fire PbP (PFRPG)...Come have a stroll through the desert!

Dark Heresy - The Oremor Affliction - Recruiting

"By Faith and Steel" PbP

Looking for a few replacements for an ongoing PbP Rise of the Runelord game

DM Talomyr's Council of Thieves

First PBP

Ascention to Murder (Forgotten Realms Pathfinderized)

Recruitment: New DM stretching his legs

Recruitment Thread: For the Children!

Trying my hand at DMing a PbP

DM Berwick's Serpent's Skull Recruitment Thread

Recruitment for DM AK's PbP Serpent's Skull Adventure Path

Looking for one to two more players for a RotRL PbP

DM Deevor's River Into Darkess

"By Faith and Steel" PbW

Steampunking up Rise of the Runelords

Any interest in a PbP Rogue Trader Game with Hotseat GMing? (40K)

Recruiting / Interest Check - Pathfinder - The Godsmouth Heresy - Email Campaign

Kingmaker: For Want of a Birthright

Forgotten Realms PbP looking for two players.

Recruiting for River Kingdoms PBP

Players needed for epic, high-magic Pathfinder PBP

Need three more players for epic, high magic Pathfinder PBP

One or two new recruits to colonize far flung Arcadia

Recruitment for GM JaceDK's Realm of the Fellnight Queen PF PbP

Eberron PFRPG - Ghosts of the Mourning Sun recruitment thread.

Dragon Age PBP recruitment.

Rise of the Runelords - for those new to rpgs & pathfinder - pbp

PBP Recruitment Thread: The Pact Stone Pyramid

Vampire the Masqurade potential game(Revised)

PBP Recruitment - Star Wars - Agents of the Empire

Need 1-2 Replacement Players for PbP

Cap'n Voodoo's Freeport in the Shackles PBP

Star Wars: The Saber's Edge PbP - Needs players!

Recruiting for homebrew PbP (4E)

Dreaming Warforged Recruiting for an Eberron E6 Campaign

Looking for interest in a Hideouts & Hoodlums campaign

Ringtail's [PF] Rise of the Runelords (PBP Recruitment)

Kingmaker & Carrion Crown Replacement Players Needed (Up to 3)

PbP Recruitment - Journey into the Osirion Desert (Homebrew)

Recruiting for A Pound of Flesh PbP set in Freeport!

imimrtl runs the Drow Wars! Recruiting 3 spots!

A Caravan is looking for brave explorers to help find the Lost Land of Aridia. PBP

DM Duke's Rise of the Runelords Campaign Recruitment

Shackled City Adventure Path (Pathfinder Rules) - Play-by-Post

Wheel of Time Prophecies of the Dragon PbP Recruitment thread

We be MORE Goblins! ~PbP Recruitment

Single player Serpent's Skull PBP

Bronze Age PbP Recruitment

Borallas Rebellion Campaign recruitment

Kingmaker of Korvasa - DM Barcas

Shadows of Aris - Homebrew Campaign LFP

Envoy of Geb: Homebrew Undead Campaign

Lucendar's Crimson Throne recruitment thread - For the glory of Korvosa

Interest in an anything goes game set in Golarion?

PbP Recruitment - Jade Regent

Recruiting for a seafaring game in Golarion

E7 Homebrew Sandbox PbP Discussion

Rise of The Runelords Recruitment

Recruiting for an "Advanced" Sands of Osirion Campaign Arc PbP!

Recruiting players for PF in MD / DC / VA area

PFS PbP: First Steps

PFS - PBP - We Be Goblins! - Players needed!

Unbinding the Fetters - PbP Recruitment

DM Rennick's Unhallowed Waters PbP - Recruitment thread

New Dm looking to start Medieval Homebrew

DM Amazing Red's Mist's of Mwangi (PFS)

Heroes of the Lost Coast - A Sandpoint Campaign

Recruitment for DM Duke's Serpent's Skull

Recruitment PBP Brevoy campaign

Dark Sun (PF PbP) - Recruitment thread

Looking for gamers in MD / DC / VA Pathfinder campaign Startup

Seeking players for Rise of the Runelords AP

New DM running a PbP Adventure (Master of the Fallen Fortress)

Legacy of Fire (Voodoo version)

WFRP Bloody Vale OOC

Recruiting for a PbP set in Cheliax. A strong group of adventurers willing to fight for the throne and the safety of the public is needed!

Kingmaker PbP - Recruiting players

Recruitment for Crypt of the Everflame PbP

Saskatchewan, The Battlefords - any gamers?

Parallel Homebrew Kingmaker PbP Campaign - Recruitment thread

Pathfinder Savage tide.

Need ONE more player for a new game. Must be a fighter type.

(Yet Another) Kingmaker PbP: Interest and Recruitment Thread

Established group starting new AP seeks skill monkey

Dresden Files RPG Needs Players

Blade of Darkness PbP

The Time of Turmoil: A Pathfinder PbP (Recruitment)

The Arena

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