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[PFS] The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge: Explore, Report, Cooperate! (ongoing PFS recruitment)

Castamir's Flaxseed Station Recruitment

Open Call for PC Applications for APs! GMs stop on by to find applicants!

Solo Recruitment, level 40 character in a campaign

Interest check: 5e gestalt with caster

GM Ietsuna's Confirmation Green Recruitment

GM Rednal's Godbound On Post-Apocalyptic Earth

Kingmaker + Ultimate Intrigue equals…?

GM Eldbale of Evergale's - The Dragon's Demand (RECRUITING)

Curse of the Crimson Throne-Hardcover Edition

[SFS] PbP GameDay VII: 1-12: Ashes of Discovery

Cottonseed PFS PbP (2E Playtest) Recruitment

Second Try for Arcana Evolved / Dark Sun Crossover Party

Recruitment for Legacy of Fire in Dark Sun

Old School Greyhawk (PFRPG) (I7 Baltron's Beacon) (570 CY)

An Interest Check: A Post Apocalpytic 'Modern' Fantasy.

[Homebrew] Go Forth And Conquer - PARTY Recruitment (Kingdom Building Campaign)

[PFS] Gameday VII Wizards Wanted!

GM Greaek's Kingmaker Recruitment

[Interest Check-Pathfinder] The Planeswalker Society

[AP recruitment] Hell's Reberls PbP

The Runelords' Dinner Party

MNM 3E LXG Recruitment

GM R0B0GEISHA's Ironfang Invasion Needs More Players!

DM Baktru - Rise of the Runelords - Recruitment

Homebrew - Curse of Venturi

Looking for Group for Doomsday Dawn Playtest. Text based.

Interest Check: West End Games Star Wars game

Recruiting for a new Lost Lands Campaign: Rappan Athuk, Stoneheart Valley or Sword of Air

Qstors PFS 5-06 You Have What You Hold PbP Gameday VII

Gameday 7: The Dalsine Affair Recruitment

[Gameday VII][ACG] BR skizzerz's A Pirate's Life (Season of the Shackles Adventure 2)

PbP Gameday VII - #6-10 Wounded Wisp - GM NOWRUZ #4

PbP Gameday VII - #6-10 Wounded Wisp - GM NOWRUZ #2

PbP Gameday VII - Heroes for Highdelve - GM NOWRUZ

Interest Check: Dragon Ball Parallels (Free PbtA-like)

PbP Gameday VII: PFS Scenario #3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment [Tier 1-5]

Curse of the Crimson Throne Part 5 Recruitment

[Homebrew] Go Forth And Conquer - Captain Recruitment (Kingdom Building Campaign)

The Edge of Order- A Solo Game Recruitment

PbP Gameday VII - Heroes for Highdelve - GM NOWRUZ #2

PbP Gameday VII - Heroes for Highdelve - GM NOWRUZ #3

PbP Gameday VII - Heroes for Highdelve - GM NOWRUZ #4

Eberron - Echoes of the Past Recruitment (Closed)

Playtest / Observation: The Metro (Power Core RPG)

Interest check -- Invasion Greyhawk!!

GM Valen's PFS Quests - The Silverhex Chronicles (Standard) PbP

Hell's Vile Rebels.

Looking for a new GM

PbP Gameday VII: PFS Scenario #4–21: Way of the Kirin [Tier 3-7]

NotEspi's 'Clash in Kaimuko Wood' [PbP Gameday VII] Recruitment

PFS #9-05: Call of the Copper Gate (PFS PbP Gameday VII) 1 Oct 18

Game Day VII, Starfinder Module, Skitter Shot (Level 2 only)

Game Day VII 4-22 Glories of the Past p1. Halls of Dwarven Lore Recruitment

[SFS - PbP Gameday VII] 1-07 The Solar Sortie - GM bigboom Recruitment

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament with GM Deadly Secret

Updated Curse of Crimson Throne (more Gaedren) Recruitment Ann ed.

LIAM - 1-14 SFS Star Sugar Heartlove - starts 8 / 14 Recruitment

PBP Gameday VII - 06-12 - Scions of the Sky Key (I) - On Sharrowsmith's Trail

GM Batpony's PFS [5-10] Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread Recruitment

El Vuelo del Cuervo Rojo [Spanish] Recruitment

Rise of the Runelords by DM KLS - Re-Recruitment

[PFSACG] Flaxseed On Deck Adventure Card Guild Lodge

GM Valen's PFS Quests - The Silverhex Chronicles (CORE) PbP

Starfinder Module Skitter Shot (PFS PbP Gameday VII) 13 AUG 18

Strange Aeons, with GM Pendrak

5e Gestalt: Caster's lighting boss fight #2

Red Hand of Doom rerecruitment [E6]

[Gameday VII][Session 1] GM Zoomba's Through Maelstrom Rift

Think Tank / Interest Check Thing: Wrath of the Demons (or an all eidolon campaign of some sort?)

[PFS] PbP Gameday VII - GM Woran's The Citadel of Flame Recruitment

DM Bloodgargler's Hell's Rebels Recruitment

Incident at Absalom Station (1 or 2 wanted)

[5e] Hombrew One Shot-- Harmony's Madness

Recruiting for Reign of Winter

The Festival of the Damned, new PC wanted!

[SFS] Fugitive on the Red Planet - GM Ewok Recruitment

[PbP Gameday VII] (SFS) GM Valen's Yesteryear's Truth

6th-level PF characters needed: Villagers defend their homeland

Skull and Shackles - need GM and players

[PFS] PbP GameDay VII: Citadel of Flame

Interest Check: Neoclassical Geek Revival

On the nature of the gods, a guide to Ethos

[Gameday VII][ACG] BR skizzerz's Tomb of the Godless Host (Plundered Tombs Adventure 4)

Pathfinder - Victoria BC

Interest Check: Mutants and Masterminds 3E Modern League of Extraordinary Persons

The Beginning of All Things – The Woodbridge Campaign – Interest Check

Dead Suns (book 2) Temple of the Twelve, For Game Day VII

PbP Gameday VII - #4-09 Blackros Matrimony- GM Nowruz

[D20PRO / Skype] Looking for players for a new online Pathfinder game

GD VII Redelia's Raiders of Shrieking Peak

Recruitment: Garundi Futures

Kingmaker + Ultimate Intrigue: Interest check

[Gameday VII][Session 1] GM Zoomba's The Lion's Justice

PFS PbP Gameday VII

The Bloodworks in Belde...

GMDQ's Skull and Shackles Recruitment - player needed for ongoing game

[PFS] PbP GameDay VII (session 2): School of Spirits by GM Lupulus Recruitment

PBP Gameday VII -- A Case of Missing Persons

[PFS] PbP GameDay VII: #9-08 Birthright Betrayed

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