Starfinder Wins Origins Award!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Illustration by Mirco Paganessi

The Origins Game Fair took place this past weekend, and we are happy to announce that Starfinder won the Fan Favorite Best Roleplaying Game award at the 2018 Origins Awards on Saturday, presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design.

We are honored, and humbled, to be chosen as the best RPG of the year by our fans. As game designers, winning any award is always gratifying, but fan-voted awards are especially meaningful. Fans are the people who play our games, and without players, the games themselves don't serve much purpose. We want to thank everyone who voted for Starfinder, as well as every fan who plays Starfinder, talks about the game with friends, and helps make Starfinder's player base a vibrant community.

We also want to thank everyone involved in the creation of the game. This was very much a team effort on a massive scale, and involved some of the most involved collaborative work we've ever done. The Starfinder design team, creative directors, developers, editors, authors, artists, art directors, and graphic designers all did an amazing amount of work to make this game happen. And even beyond that, everyone at Paizo took on some of the herculean workload needed to put the physical book in the hands of players.

Looking forward to the future, we plan to continue creating more exciting content for Starfinder in the months and years to come, and we can't wait for you to see what we have planned. Keep aiming for the stars!

Robert G. McCreary and Owen K.C. Stephens
Starfinder Design Leads

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Congrats Starfinder crew and everyone at Paizo, it had only been a couple years of work and it is already showing with your fans and the TTRPG community

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Nice work, guys.

I had lost most interest in d20 gameplay, because nearly all the currently popular games are swords-and-sorcery, a genre I have become bored with over the years... but Starfinder regained my interest by being swords-and-sorcery... IN SPACE!

Paizo's commitment to putting out a ton of great product is very much appreciated.

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Wait... did the artist draw the image THAT fast... or what it already drawn :P ?

Paizo Employee Starfinder Design Lead

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JiCi wrote:
Wait... did the artist draw the image THAT fast... or what it already drawn :P ?

We had that already for another purpose, which folks can see soon if they hadn't already. Rob was just really clever about what art he suggested for this, and Sarah and the whole art team does an amazing job making our products look awesome.

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Congratulations! Well deserved!

Congratulations! :D

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What a nice gift from all the fans of Starfinder. Congrats team.

Liberty's Edge

Awesome news. Well earned.

Sovereign Court

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Also, you should add conga rats as a new playable species for Starfinder. #justsayin

Scarab Sages

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Huzzah!! Congratulations on the well deserved award!! Starfinder has been a lot of fun to both run and play. I am eagerly looking forward to what is in store in the future (maybe more modules besides Skittershot perhaps)!!

Woohoo! Congratulations to everyone!

Great job! Now announce the next rulebook after AA2...

The Core Rulebook is the most handsome book in a long line of handsome Paizo hardcovers.

Hold the skittermanders, though. Reluctant to buy Alien Archive due to their presence :(

This is my first RPG other than D&D and I have to honestly say that I am loving the world,classes and how the game plays. Players are loving it as well. Just wish I had more people interested in playing!


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It's a great game and a fun system,.


I have enjoyed every second of the SFS missions, the APs and Androids and Aliens podcasts. Cannot wait for season 2! AWESOME you deserve it!

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Congrats! This is well deserved. My group has been playing since launch and we love Starfinder!

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I'm proud of you all. This is deserved and it was a delight to be there for the announcement during the Starfinder Special at Origins!

Dark Archive

Well deserved!
Starfinder has it's share of problems, but overall it's a great new game for being less than a year on the market!
I'm excited for the Armory, the 2nd & 3rd AP & Alien Archive 2.

If year 2 manages to produce some ppm creatures, more flawless flip-mats & an updated or pocket version of the CRB, all will be great!

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Great awesome. I love Starfinder

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I haven't enjoyed a game as much as I've enjoyed Starfinder in the 35 years I've been playing RPGs! Except for Pathfinder that is. It's great to have two great games to play. And you definitely deserve this award. Great crew, great design and now a great recognition! Congrats!

Dave Pascoe

I thought it might win an award, wasn't expecting it to be the fan favorite, however.

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*Fires arc pistol wildly into the air in celebration*

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It was well deserved.

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