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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bestiary 3 is now available for Fantasy Grounds! It contains all 300+ monsters from Bestiary 3, with tokens, stats, images and full descriptions available for reference and use within the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. Special abilities and spells have been embedded within each monster to keep everything at your fingertips and to keep the focus on the combat and roleplaying that your players love. Since several of the races include details for playable races, we've included a separate Bestiary 3 Player Version that you can share with your players to allow them to build monstrous characters like the canny ratfolk, genie-blooded sulis and more.

We've also released the fifth and sixth volumes of the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path. This completes one of the 6 separate Adventure Path volumes from Paizo that are converted and ready to play on Fantasy Grounds. Check the Fantasy Grounds website for a full list of available Paizo products for both Pathfinder and Starfinder.

Be sure to sync your Paizo and Fantasy Grounds accounts to get the PDF added to your Paizo account as part of the purchase or to get the entire cost of the PDF as a discount on your purchase at!

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That looks pretty.

Commensurate support for Roll20 please.

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I'd love for Mummy's Mask to make it to roll20, investing $150 for fantasy grounds is just too much in my opinion.

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The Standard edition of Fantasy Grounds (the one I use) is only $39. If you want the Ultimate edition, but can't pay $149 up front, you can subscribe for $10 a month (also a good way of trying it out to see if you like it). Whatever you choose, it's a great piece of software with outstanding support and the best user community I've come across.

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Desna's Avatar wrote:
Commensurate support for Roll20 please.

That's begun, now it's up to the Roll20 people.

Brawldennis wrote:
I'd love for Mummy's Mask to make it to roll20, investing $150 for fantasy grounds is just too much in my opinion.

At $27.99 per installment on Roll20, you'd be paying $27.99x6=$167.94. If you already own the Mummy's Mask pdfs and sync your account, on Fantasy Grounds, you will be paying $7x6=$42. Now, if you're only going to run 1 AP, Roll20 is slightly cheaper than Fantasy Grounds' Ultimate license plus the Ap (@42+149=$191 vs $168), on the other hand, if you can run an AP in less than 12 months, you can do it for less on FG using the subscription module Callum mentioned above, or, if your players have a Standard license, you can pick up the AP and a permanent Standard license for a total of $81 (this can also later be upgraded to an Ultimate license at a discounted rate.) Also, if you run more than one AP that $42 per Adventure Path comes out MUCH cheaper than $168 per.

If you don't already own the pdfs of the AP you're going to run, then Roll20 is cheaper. If you do, FG is cheaper. Again, maybe Roll20 will come out with a discount plan of their own, but it is currently not available.

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Removed a post. Stating a preference among our licensed partners is fine, but insults are not.

I've found Roll20 to be lighter and easier to run with little setup. However Fantasy Grounds is WAY better if you're willing to put a bit of build into it, and Paizo has been making that WAY easier with these modules.

For me, this is all way too expensive, unless there is a discount involved for those who have already purchased the physical and/or PDF copies from Paizo. I understand it's a distinct product, but there is a lot of overlap, and when I consider the cost of membership for Fantasy Grounds, plus the cost of a physical or PDF copy of the product from Paizo, plus the Fantasy Grounds copy of the product, it quickly becomes apparent to me that these sorts of things are not targeted at the middle-class.

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Desna's Avatar, Fantasy Grounds does offer a discount equal to the price of the PDF, if you already own it. I don't believe a similar discount has been offered by Roll20.

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