PaizoCon 2018 Event Submission is Open!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PaizoCon 2018 is now less than 100 days away, and that means the time to roll dice together is quickly approaching. But we can't roll dice if there are no games to play, and that's where you come in! Each year, we allow attendees—both fans and third-party publishers—to run their own events, put them on the official PaizoCon schedule, and allow for online registration. This year, we've moved the event submission interface to Google forms: PaizoCon 2018 Event Submission Form.

You can fill out an event form for each event you'd like to submit. If all of the details are the same and you want to run it multiple times, you only need to fill out the form once. (If you represent multiple GM's who will be running the same event you only need to fill out the event form once).

If you save the link when you have submitted your event, you should be able to go back and edit your submission until March 1st.

We have reduced the length of event descriptions to 150 characters. Once the schedule is posted online, you will be able to post in your event's discussion thread with more details.

Paizo will not be running Organized Play events during the 1pm-6pm time slots. We will be offering the use of part of the Grand Ballroom for individuals who wish to run organized play scenarios during this time. If you wish to do this and be included in the PaizoCon schedule which lets attendees sign up for the game online and reserves you a table, you can submit an event using this form. Note that Saturday's time slot will be 1pm-5pm and all attendees must leave the room promptly at 5pm so hotel staff can set up for the PaizoCon Preview Banquet. Please format Starfinder and Pathfinder Org Play scenarios as #[season][scenario number]: Title (example: #9-01: The Cost of Enlightenment).

We can't wait to see what fantastic events the community comes up with this year, so don't delay. Submit your event before March 1, when the submission window closes.

PaizoCon 2018 will take place May 25th–May 28th, 2018 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels, 18740 International Blvd., Seattle, WA, 98188. For more information, check the PaizoCon page.

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I'm hoping next year we can have more than a week's range to submit the event. I realize there was notice in the boards, which I only found after digging as I'm not a frequent board poster. A few weeks and an email notice to past event runners would be fantastic.

Last year, the deadline was also a week (eventually extended), at the end of March. This year, the deadline was over before March started, and I went looking at the start of March for it and found out again that I was too late.

Please, please make 2019 more friendly to event runners. It's making me feel like my contribution to the convention is not valued.

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