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Quasi's Untitled Campaign

Game Master Quasi

Our group of mature-age players (all over 40) recently lost a long-time player (died) and two others have had to cut back their playing time. Our group is about 50/50 male/female and have switched to Pathfinder, but like the Forgotten Realms setting. We play 3 Saturdays out of 4, with a different DM running a module each Saturday (ie. 3 different games going concurrently)and each game can go on for just a few sessions or a year or more. This allows us to have different players in each game, which is good for those who can't play every weekend. We generally play from about 2 or 3pm to 11pm. It also allows people to play and also DM without having to wait months for someone else's module to finish first. We play in North Balwyn, which is roughly the centre-point for our scattered players. We are innovative and flexible. (No, I don't mean that we're kinky!) We'd like to hear from anyone interested.

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